Easy Expense Savings Service For Manufacturer Lowers Monthly Overhead Costs

Mar 30, 2024

Growing profits in the manufacturing industry in the midst of today’s economic and geopolitically tumultuous environment is a challenge, but by cutting expenses without interrupting your services, you can save big. Cost-cutting service Recession Resister shows you how.

More and more companies in the manufacturing sector are turning to technologies to help streamline operations and boost profits. And while many of these investments come with hefty price tags and long-term ROIs, Recession Resister can lower your utility and telecommunications expenses to boost your profit margins with instant ROI.

Find out where you're overspending on your monthly expenses and see how much you can save by trying Recession Resister for free, at https://recessionresister.com.


Recession Resister combines smart technology with a team of experts in the utilities and telecommunications markets to offer your business tremendous expense-saving opportunities.

The service uses Bill Saving technology to uncover invoicing errors which are then refunded back to you - a nice little injection into your operating budget.

Then, their team provides bill negotiation, energy auto-switching, energy efficiency, and tax savings services that further reduce your monthly expenses for cost-efficient, more profitable operations going forward.


On the heels of the pandemic and with continuing geopolitical upheaval, growing profits - and more importantly, preventing deficits - in your industry is a challenge. Recession Resister is a quick and secure way of significantly reducing your monthly expenses without interrupting your services.

A company spokesperson explains:

“Close to 80% of American businesses are overpaying for their monthly expenses without realizing it. We help today’s companies put more money back into their operations by introducing savings on telecommunications (including internet and satellite services,) utilities, security, and more.”


Recession Resister does not charge you for their initial services, but instead bills you 50% of the savings they secure on your behalf.

They achieve these savings through a couple of key activities.

First, they'll analyze your company's paid invoices for a full range of overhead expenses dating back years to identify overages due to transposed cost figures, misread utility meters, redundant fees and surcharges, embedded fees and other egregious charges. Once these overages are corrected, you receive a refund as well as reduced expenses over the long term.

Specialized negotiations teams further reduce your business's expenses by revealing any inflated utility and/or telecommunications rates you've been paying, which they can either have lowered or can replace with a more cost-efficient provider.

Part of their expertise is in monitoring rates in deregulated markets which makes it easier to identify providers that are marking their service up beyond the default rate. This is when the team gets to work. If you're paying overblown rates, you can count on more savings.

Best of all, these services happen without you having to lift a finger.


Recession Resister, in partnership with The Madison Energy group, also offers a comprehensive energy reduction program which, depending on the types of appliances your company uses, can save between 10% to a whopping 80% on your energy costs while also reducing your business's CO2 emissions.

As the tech market advances and works harder to lower emissions, by adopting these advancements you not only contribute to a better environment, but you also contribute to a more robust company budget.

In today’s economy, you've got to remain as competitive as possible. Recession Resister’s expense savings programs are here to help you boost your profit margins without interrupting your operations or cutting prices.

Is it time to correct hidden expenditures and filter the savings back into your company? Connect with the team at Recession Resister to get started. Learn more at https://recessionresister.com

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