Easy ERTC Refund Calculator For Startups & Non-Profits: Get Max Rebate Guarantee

Apr 29, 2023

Find out how much you can claim in ERTC refunds, fast. Use this free tool that asks only 10 simple questions to find out if you qualify for a rebate, and how much you’re eligible for. They can even help you complete the paperwork!

Did you know that you can claim hundreds of thousands of dollars from the federal government, in about the same amount of time it will take you to read this blog?

I'm going to guess you didn't, or that you just found out - because otherwise, you would obviously be doing that instead, right?

How about a quick refresher, in case you're not caught up on the details? If you already know how it works, feel free to jump ahead and click the link to start your claim, right now.

Do you remember the ERTC, also known as the Employee Retention Tax Credit program?

It was one of the pandemic relief programs that started in 2020, but most business owners forgot about it, since claiming PPP loans disqualified them. Things have changed though, the ERTC is a different program from what it used to be.

Now, using a fast application from LP Consulting, you can claim up to $26,000 per employee in rebates, with no risk, no repayments, and no strings attached.

They can even help you if you've already gotten PPP loans, run a new business founded during the pandemic, or had too many employees to qualify originally.

It's easier than you think. Get all the details, take a free eligibility test, or begin your claim at https://get26k.com

If you're not sure, just take the free eligibility test. You can't lose, because it's free, easy, and carries no obligation at all. It's just 10 simple questions, and when you're done, it will even tell you roughly how much you might be able to claim.

When I say "claim," we should be clear. Any rebates claimed through LP Consulting are a reimbursement for wages that you have already paid, they are not a loan or deferral, and never require repayment. It's your money, with no tricks, strings, or catches.

Well, as long as you claim it anyway. If you don't claim it before the deadline, it just disappears back into the government's pocket.

You can claim more now than ever before too. It used to be just $5,000 per employee for 2020, then it went up to $7,000 per employee per quarter for the first three quarters of 2021. When you add that up, it's $26,000 per employee - but that's not the really neat part.

There's absolutely no upper limit on funding - so there's practically no limit to how much you can claim if you have enough employees. I'll admit, most small business owners have been getting rebates for about $150,000, which is certainly nothing to complain about.

Some employers hit it big though, particularly if they had a fairly sized, well-paid staff - because some companies have been able to claim several million dollars in rebates!

It's just 10 simple questions to find out if you're eligible, and it doesn't require any proprietary business information. It only takes about a minute, with no cost or obligation - and you'll also get a free estimate of your available funding.

If you're eligible, the most important thing you'll receive is a link to something called the 15 Minute Refund Program.

This fast refund program is only available through a single firm of ERTC specialist CPAs and guarantees every employer their maximum allowable rebate. You can use the program to have your application completed by the CPA team, with only a 15 minute commitment required from yourself. They handle pretty much everything.

It's a win-win situation because the CPA team can help most employers to qualify, with no risk or cost to those who don't. You may be able to qualify for rebates even if you operate a startup, a new business founded during the pandemic, or a non-profit organization. The program can also help businesses that have already enrolled in or received loans through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

The 15 Minute Refund program and free eligibility assessment are equal access programs, designed to work for everyone. No business will be charged until after it has received a rebate, and any business that does not qualify or does not receive a rebate will not be charged at all.

So the most you could possibly lose, in the very worst-case scenario, is 15 minutes of your time.

More likely though, that 15 minutes will help you to claim hundreds of thousands - perhaps millions of dollars from the IRS, which you never, ever have to pay back.

It's easier than you think. Visit https://get26k.com to find out if you qualify, for free, with no obligation.

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