Easy Data-Based Savings Program: A Logistics Company’s Guide To Cutting Expenses

Dec 16, 2023

Imagine knowing your logistics company is running as lean as possible on your utility, electricity, and other fixed expenses. With Recession Resister, you can automatically lower your monthly bills for significant cost savings and better profit margins.

It's a tough time for logistics companies looking to boost profits. But what if there was a hands-off, data-driven service designed to amp up your profit margins without you having to lift a finger? Intrigued?

Let's dive into it.

Picture this: you're heading into the VP's office, knowing you've secured the best utility, electricity, and telecom rates available on the market, and you're ready to discuss your own company benefits. Thanks to you, fixed expenses are down, profits are up, and logistics operations are running like a lean, mean, 3PL machine.

Try it out for free and let's get started on the savings, at https://recessionresister.com


In the competitive world of logistics, every company has its own secret sauce. This can include specific KPIs for optimized operations, ensuring you've nailed down the most efficient shipping routes, reducing storage costs, and avoiding overspending. But the easiest, most fundamental way to improve margins is by managing your indirect fixed costs.

Recession Resister combines smart technologies with a team of negotiations experts who identify excessive electric, natural gas, telecom, trash/refuse, and security rates on your behalf for an end-to-end reduction in your expenses.

“You might not realize you're overpaying for services your logistics company uses every day. Recession Resister offers comprehensive commercial cost-cutting outcomes that can make a significant difference in your annual profit margins.”


In an arena battling relatively low profit margins thanks to the high cost of operations and intense competition, Recession Resister can prove invaluable. It instantly identifies cost-savings opportunities on overhead and provides you with actionable insights, helping you make informed decisions about the controllable aspects of your operations that might otherwise have gone undetected.

The service includes:

  • bill auditing,
  • bill negotiation,
  • automatic switches to lower-cost providers,
  • suggested energy efficiencies for HVAC, coolers and freezers, and
  • tax savings strategies involving employee retention and tax credits.

By conducting a comprehensive expense analysis and renegotiating lower rates on your behalf, Recession Resister helps you remain resilient during economic volatility and spares your company the people-hours it would require to perform these same cost-cutting activities in-house.

There is no fee for the service, and no monies owed unless Recession Resister achieves a reduction in your company's expenses. From there, the cost of services is 50% of what you've saved.

A recent client says, “We didn’t realize we could negotiate some of these bills. The technology Recession Resister uses lowered our telecom and energy costs, and we didn’t need to do anything at our end to save hundreds of dollars.”

A new era of financial optimization is here! Is it time to leverage the cost-cutting power Recession Resister can provide? Learn more at https://recessionresister.com

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