Easy Application Round Head Paint Brush For Watercolor Acrylic & Oil Painting Best Sizes Professional Set Launched

Nov 6, 2016

Discover how you can take your painting to the next level with high quality professional brushes from Magic Touch, made from Red Sable hair to ensure beautiful smooth application of paint.

  • easy application round head paint brush for watercolor acrylic amp oil painting
  • easy application round head paint brush for watercolor acrylic amp oil painting
  • easy application round head paint brush for watercolor acrylic amp oil painting

A range of high quality Red Sable weasel hair round paint brushes has been relaunched on Amazon, offering artists and practicing students the chance to get professional grade brushes for a low cost. The brush set can be used for watercolor, acrylic and oil painting, and offers excellent liquid holding capacity that results in a smooth, easy application of paint.

More information can be found on the Amazon page listing at: https://amazon.com/dp/B00ICU58JI.

The brushes have been launched by Magic Touches, the popular online store that sells a wide range of products across various categories, including magic tricks for developing magicians, sports towels for use indoors and outdoors, barbecue cooking devices, and popular artists supplies.

The new set of paint brushes is the latest Magic Touches release in the arts and crafts field. Magic Touches explains that the professional quality weasel hair is favored by many professional artists as the weasel hair compares favorably to the more expensive Sable brushes available on the market but at a fraction of the cost.

Because of the nature of the brush design, they can be used for watercolor, acrylic, oil painting and gouache color painting. This helps to offer maximum flexibility for the artist with only one set of paint brushes for every need.

On the Amazon page listing, customers can discover that each brush comes with a polished birch wood long handle, which promotes a luxurious feel, and makes each brush easy to use, with a stable grip. The secure ferrules are made from high grade copper, helping to ensure there is no hair loss or wobble when the brushes are in use.

A wide range of sizes is available with every brush purchase, which gives customers a variety to choose from when it comes time to create their art. Brushes vary from small, fine detail brushes to wider, larger brushes for sweeping stokes and filling in broad detail.

Each brush is made easier to use by its high quality feel. Full details of every feature are provided on the Amazon listing page.

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