East Memphis Area Rug Wet & Dry Cleaning With Advanced Fabric Protection!

Jun 6, 2024

Want to make sure your silk or wool oriental rug gets proper care? River City Rug Cleaning (+1 901 341 7847) offers wet or dry cleaning and repair services for area rugs in and around East Memphis.

I adore my oriental area rugs; they're bright, beautiful, and chosen with a lot of love! To keep them looking like new, I tried River City Rug Cleaning's fabric protection service, and it has worked like a charm. If you want your rugs to stay pretty too, check out the company's comprehensive cleaning and repair services!

Learn more about what they can do at https://rivercityrugcleaning.com

The team's expert services include advanced MicroSeal Fabric Protection, as well as rip repair, stain removal, color correction, and moth treatments.

Serving East Memphis, the dry or wet cleaning solutions are also available throughout Memphis, Collierville, Galloway, Chickasaw Gardens, Germantown, Arlington, Bartlett, Belle Meade, Hedgemoor, Cordova, and Southwind.

Preserve Your Rug

Because silk or wool oriental area rugs are made from natural fibers and special dyes that can be easily damaged by DIY home cleaning methods, special care and professional expertise is needed to help preserve the life-span of these valuable household objects. With many years of expertise in caring for different types of rugs and carpets, the team at River City Rug Cleaning has the equipment and knowledge necessary to preserve your rug in top condition.

“An oriental rug is a beautiful and expensive investment,” explains a representative. “Proper care and cleaning will prolong the life of your rug and keep it looking its best. At River City Rug we understand the delicate nature of these rugs and use special care and methods to clean your rug safely and thoroughly.”

Guard Against Spills

Along with helping your rugs last longer and stay in good condition, benefits of a professional rug cleaning include the ability to remove tough stains or spots - such as red wine - as well as eliminating unpleasant odors.

With MicroSeal Fabric Protection, your rugs are guarded against sun fading, spills, dirt, pet stains, or any other accidents that might occur through daily use. A single treatment provides protection that endures even after multiple professional cleanings.

Enjoy Great Service

MicroSeal is non-toxic, VOC free, non-allergenic, and biodegradable, making it safe for families - including little ones - and pets. There is no lasting smell and it provides rapid protection for silk or wool rugs, penetrating fibers deeply to give comprehensive protection.

Previous customers have positive reviews for the company’s services. “We have an active family, spills and accidents are common,” says Melissa B. “When we need River City to come out to investigate and remove a stain, they are quick and professional. Most importantly, our rugs still look like new! I highly recommend this company and will continue to work with them in the future.”

Invest in protection and professional solutions for your oriental area rug - contact River City Rug Cleaning today!

Find more information and get a quote at https://rivercityrugcleaning.com

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