East Anglia Real Estate Agency Marketing: Local Service Ads For High Ranking

Mar 17, 2024

Looking for a reliable way to reach the top of Google without having to pay per click? Talk to the team at AI Cerebral Marketing on +44-7855-798747!

If you thought PPC was the only way to hit the top of Google, you'd be wrong. Local Service Ads are run by Google themselves, and the team at AI Cerebral Marketing can manage them, so you can appear above the Map Pack.

Start reaching more clients at https://www.aicerebralmarketing.com/local-service-ads

Grow your reach within budget

AI Cerebral Marketing understands that for many businesses - especially local companies without a huge marketing budget - it can be challenging trying to reach the most visible positions on Google, which is why it’s offering its LSA package as a way to help you get endorsed by Google and rank higher.

Data from Backlinko shows the top three Google search listings generate 75% of the clicks. However, it can be time-consuming and difficult to achieve this organically - which is what makes the LSA service so effective.

Dominate local & mobile search

Ads are displayed at the top of search results and, on mobile devices, occupy more than 50% of the screen when the search results load, prominently showing your business name, the Google Guaranteed badge, and customer review scores.

Unlike traditional PPC advertising, where you pay for each click on your ad, Local Service Ads operate on a pay-per-lead model - so you only pay when a potential customer initiates contact, such as through a phone call or a form submission. That means there is no direct keyword bidding for Local Service Ads: instead, you can either let Google set the bid or manually set your own maximum bid per lead.

Additional details are provided at https://www.youtube.com/@AICerebralMarketing/featured

Everything is managed by the team

AI Cerebral Marketing's team listens to all incoming calls to ensure they are legitimate leads from customers seeking the services offered within the specified service area. The agency will monitor your reviews and local rankings, manage bid spend, and increase the number of reviews to generate more leads, with detailed monthly reports and support available.

A spokesperson states: “Stop wasting money on PPC. If you qualify for Local Service Ads, you can get calls from qualified potential clients, and only pay when you talk with the lead, and only if they qualify.”

Don’t let the lack of SEO or the expense of PPC prevent you from reaching more clients.

Check out https://www.aicerebralmarketing.com/ for expert LSA campaigns!

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