Earn Rewards Points Shopping Online & In Stores With Novel Bank Card Membership

Nov 20, 2023

You may have heard of Mike Lindell, the My Pillow Guy, but did you know he just invested in a Digital Branch Office (DBO) from TranzactCard? You can join the club and help disrupt the FinTech banking sector today!

The My Pillow Guy’s Next Big Thing Is Taking On Big Banks!

No, it's not silk pillow covers – even though they do feel good on the skin.

Mike Lindell has just set his sights on becoming a disruptive new player in the FinTech space. It’s called TranzactCard – and you don't want to miss out on this opportunity!

It's like your normal rewards card, but far better.

Join Mike Lindell and other DBO owners by helping consumers earn 100% rewards on their purchases. Become a member today by visiting https://mikelindellsnextbigthing.com/ .

Once you see how this amazing card works, you won't use any other card

TranzactCard functions like a traditional bank debit card and can be used for purchases anywhere in the world,. Its superpower is that it comes with an amazing rewards program. For every dollar spent, you will receive one Z-Buck that you can redeem for a variety of rewards, deals, and discounts at Z-Club, TranzactCard's online store. That's a 100% reward, far from the stingy 1% that most other reward cards pay out.

There's a $25 annual fee, but if you sign up before November 12th, you will only pay that $25 fee ONCE as all subsequent renewal fees will be waived., You'll also receive a 500 Z-Buck bonus on your first purchase and on your anniversary every year.

You also have the opportunity to become a DBO Owner in the same manner as Mike Lindell. This allows you to operate a TranzactCard business from home or anywhere in the world while earning exclusive rewards and revenues. DBOs play an important role in raising awareness of TranzactCard's features. TranzactCard will give you branded marketing assets to help showcase the card's advantages - and the goal is to empower you to spread the word to your own networks and across the country.

Also, if you invest in a DBO before November 12th, you can get a bonus equal to your DBO fee simply by referring three others who see the incredible long-term value of this program. There are several other benefits you can learn about by getting in early by visiting https://mikelindellsnextbigthing.com/ .

That's right, you can earn long-term revenues by telling others about the card

As a DBO, you'll earn revenues in several ways when you help others see the rewards of using a TranzactCard. From sharing social media posts to hosting local events, you'll have plenty of ways to market the card. These accrue from a small portion of every transaction fee generated by every purchase your DBO's members make.

An additional feature for DBOs is the pooled rewards program. Every time TranzactCard members make purchases, a portion of the transaction fees go into a pool to be shared among ALL DBOs. This creates ongoing growth potential for you through ALL member purchases.

What are you waiting for? Help Mike disrupt consumer banking today, one swipe at a time!

Check out https://mikelindellsnextbigthing.com/ for all the info you need!

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