Dwell In A Secret Covenant With God: New Inspiring Book On Christian Faith

May 31, 2024

Are you ready to enter the holiest of places and forge a deeper union with the Lord? Minister and Author Vince Baker’s newest book, Secret Place, can help you understand the New Covenant and the many mysteries God hid for you in scripture.

We all feel lost at times. Of course, community is important, but it's crucial to remember that we have the answers we're searching for within us, through our holy connection to the divine.

With his new book, Secret Place, Minister Vince Baker can guide you to a deeper knowledge of the New Covenant and help you find that intimate, holiest place that exists within you. Want to learn more? Just go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UK3t2BfE38

Get Answers To Many Questions

Secret Place, which is soon to be available on Amazon, strives to answer a range of questions you may have regarding God and your relationship with Him. Among these questions are "What does it mean to know God?", "Why is making vows important to God?", and "Can I ask for anything in the New Covenant?"

By reading Secret Place, you'll also get answers to questions like "What does the Tabernacle of David Represent?", "What is the mystery of the first and second temples?", and "What is the hidden mystery of the Ark of the Covenant?"

Author Vince Baker strives to provide helpful scriptural interpretations and guidance for people like you, who are interested in fully diving into their spiritual journey and finding complete union with the Lord.

The Secret Place

The book's title, Secret Place, refers to "a holy, private spiritual location within the temple of your own body" where, as Vince Baker explains, you can engage in an intimate relationship with God. "Everything you are looking for in your relationship with God is found in the Secret Place," says Vince Baker.

With this earth-shaking book, Vince Baker will guide you to better understand the valuable analogies that exist in the scriptures of the Bible, many of which speak to the "secret place" within each of us.

Secret Place talks in-depth about the New Covenant and can help you understand exactly what it means for your personal relationship with God. If this is an unfamiliar concept to you, The New Covenant is a promise God made to forgive sins and restore a personal connection with those who have opened their hearts to Him. The New Covenant was initiated during the Last Supper as part of the Holy Communion and it still rings true today, all you have to do is look within yourself.

About Vince Baker

Along with his books, Vince Baker offers ministry and public speaking services through Vince Baker Ministries. If you're interested in learning more about Vince Baker Ministries' mission, experience, and offerings, you can do so by visiting https://vincebakerministries.com/

Want to learn more about Vince Baker Ministries and purchase a copy of Secret Place? Start your holy journey today by visiting https://vincebakerministries.com/books/

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