Duluth, MN Concrete Resurfacing: 1-Day Repair With Durable Polyurea Coating

May 28, 2024

If you have a damaged or worn concrete floor in Duluth or Northern Wisconsin, Armor Coating Co (715-934-9037) uses advanced coatings that are not only beautiful, but take just 1-day to complete.

An Overnight Transformation

Many houses in Duluth are over 50 years old, and that can mean old, cracked, and tired-looking concrete surfaces. Armor Coating Co can resurface your garage, patio, or concrete floor with advanced polyurea coating that’s four-times stronger than epoxy.

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In addition to its strength and durability, the advanced coating can come in many colors and textures, giving you a fresh new appearance. Better yet, the entire process can be completed in just one day, making it a super efficient way to transform your home.

Lifting and relaying an old or damaged concrete surface can be very time-consuming, expensive, and disruptive. Armor Coating Co offers a cost-effective alternative that withstands heavy traffic, extreme temperatures, chemicals, moisture, and UV light.

“Our industry-leading dual coating products, a combination of polyurea and polyaspartic, provide a durability and lifespan that exceed epoxy, and we can apply them in a single day,” a company representative explained. “This exceptional combo is resistant to UV light, water, abrasions, and the scraping movements of heavy furniture, and you have a huge choice of color, texture, and design.”

Upgrading Older Homes

According to statistics from the City of Duluth, 65% of houses in the region are over 50 years old, and in need of substantial upgrades. With interest rates remaining high, both new and existing homeowners are seeking affordable home improvement services that allow them to bring their property up to date.  

Armor Coating’s enhanced concrete resurfacing capability is one such solution, allowing for the repair of old or damaged floors, while also creating a new and modern appearance. The firm states that the 24-hour cure time also makes for a highly efficient process.

About Armor Coating Co

Operating from Barnes, Wisconsin, Armor Coating Co is a tri-state contractor serving Northern Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan. The firm offers no-obligation estimates on resurfacing requirements, and can also guide homeowners through the variety of design options that are now available.

“We love our beautiful new floor,” one client recently stated. “From start to finish, the team at Armor Coating was wonderful. Everyone was friendly, efficient, and polite, and we couldn’t have asked for more.”

For a fast, effective, and affordable way to repair concrete surfaces, contact the team at Armor Coating Co.

Check out https://armorcoatingco.com/services/ so you can learn more.

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