Downtown NYC Gourmet Vegan Bistro Does Romantic Dinners With French Menu

Jul 9, 2024

Love is in the air at Delice & Sarrasin (212-243-7200)! Downtown NYC’s favorite gourmet vegan restaurant is pleased to be the choice for ethical date nights with their menu for two.

At Delice & Sarrasin, nothing says romance like dining out sustainably, ethically, and cruelty-free. That’s why they are proud to be serving a romantic ‘dinner for two’ menu that uses only vegan ingredients.

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Downtown NYC’s Best Vegan Bistro Now Serves Up Romance

With their romantic dinner menu, the head chef at Delice & Sarrasin, Yvette Caron, is recreating a selection of iconic French dishes that have long been associated with romance using only ethical and sustainably sourced vegan ingredients.

The family team behind the popular gourmet vegan restaurant believes that, if you’re a plant-based diner, you shouldn’t have to miss out on romance or ambiance when you dine out; as such, they are pleased to be sharing their love language with you: making food that both tastes good and does good.

Split A Plant-Based Appetizer Made For Two

Some of the main highlights of their menu for two are their sharing-friendly appetizers.

This includes their Escargots Beurre Maitre D’hotel, which replaces the original snails with rich and tender oyster mushrooms, and their plant-based Foie Gras Végétal, an artisan-crafted and moreish dish served with handmade fig jam.

Of the Foie Gras, a recent review in the New York Times praised this ethical alternative to the classic dish, saying “Caron’s cruelty-free version—made from tahini, cashews, garlic, onion, cloves, ginger, nutmeg, and cardamom—is fruitier, nuttier, and silkier, and comes with homemade jam and sourdough.”

Make Your Date Night A Delicious Gourmet Experience

Caron and her kitchen team appreciate that ‘date nights’ typically demand a more high-end and upscale dining experience, and a richer menu, which is why they are pleased to bring you ethical vegan versions of some of France’s most traditional gourmet dishes.

Date night mains that you’re sure to love include their Steak Tartare, Tournedos Rossini, and Steak Frites; Delice & Sarrasin’s version serves their vegan ‘steak’ with hand-cut French fries that are flavored with black truffle.

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Choose Ethical Romantic Dining

A representative for the Caron family said, “Nestled in a cozy corner, Delice & Sarrasin invites you to embark on a romantic culinary adventure where traditional French recipes are reimagined with a vegan twist. If you are seeking a taste of France in a compassionate way, we are proud to be a place where you can indulge in the rich heritage of French gastronomy.”

Delice & Sarrasin is located at 178 West Houston Street and is open for dinners seven nights a week. Due to the intimate size of their beautiful, candlelit dining room, it is best to make a booking, especially if you want to go on a Friday or Saturday night.

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