Doral Dentists Increase Visibility & Traffic With Multimedia Content Campaigns

Jul 3, 2024

Running a dental practice in Doral, Florida? KNY Web (786-882-7225) can feature your practice on top news sites like CBS & FOX for improved visibility.

If you’ve tried everything you could to improve your Doral dental practice’s online visibility with no headway – don't lose hope yet. KNY Web’s multimedia content campaigns can make a difference. 

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The agency's multimedia campaigns can significantly enhance your visibility online, ultimately increasing patient inquiries and appointment bookings.

But, Why Bother About Online Visibility? 

In the last two years, ‘near me’ searches have grown over 900% - meaning more and more Americans are searching online for nearby businesses. KNY Web provides targeted content that helps you connect with potential patients in your community. Each piece created by the agency showcases a specific treatment or service you offer.

What Makes KNY Web’s Approach Different? 

KNY Web’s unique multimedia approach uses a combination of blog posts, news articles, audio and video ads, infographics, and slideshows published on high-authority platforms to get your dental practice noticed on the web. With their help, you can achieve brand omnipresence.

But that’s not all there is to KNY Web’s content marketing package. While the agency’s content campaigns are designed to improve visibility and generate targeted organic traffic, they can also enhance your online reputation. 

The thing is, being featured on various popular and authoritative websites will increase your perceived value and authority, which in turn builds customer trust. Furthermore, the backlinks earned from these high-authority platforms also boost your ‘domain authority,’ thereby helping to increase your Google ranking.  

Flexible Pricing 

KNY Web’s multimedia content solution is available in three different plans: Basic, Standard, and Premium—all offered on a ‘done-for-you' basis—and comes with a detailed, regular snapshot report that enables you to track your campaign’s progress.  

“At KNY Web, we specialize in crafting hyper-local ads that put you in front of the right audience,” says a company representative. “If your business is a good fit, we can get you featured on sites like NBC, local FOX and CBS sites, Google, YouTube, podcast sites, and hundreds of other brand-name sites to improve your visibility.”  

KNY Web is a premier marketing agency on a mission to level the playing field for smaller practices using its proven hyper-local content amplification strategies.

No matter what you’ve tried in the past to improve your digital footprint, KNY Web’s multimedia content solution will certainly get you in front of the right audience.  

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