Doodle Dog Owners Community Website Has Online Behavior Training Workshops

If you love doodles, you’ll really love Doodle Dogs Utopia! Join a fast-growing community of doodle dog owners and take advantage of the best owner guides and online behavior workshops.

Are you a proud doodle dog owner or considering adding one to your family? If so, you’re in for a treat! Doodle Dogs Utopia, a passion project founded by dog enthusiast Laura Ellsworth, is here to be your ultimate guide to nearly 100 doodle breeds, ensuring that you provide the best care for your beloved furry companions. 

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Doodle Dogs Utopia Is Born

After years of personal experience with doodle dogs, Laura Ellsworth founded Doodle Dogs Utopia out of sheer love for these unique mixed breeds. Her new website is a fantastic resource for both current and prospective dog owners, offering so many useful tips and lots of great information about doodle dogs. 

Something For Every Doodle

Because there are so many doodle mixes available today, finding reliable information for your specific doodle breed can be a challenge. Thankfully, Doodle Dogs Utopia has extensively researched breed guides that cover crucial aspects such as appearance, temperament, grooming needs, exercise requirements, and more. This important information will help you provide the best care for your beloved doodle dog. 

With these guides, you will benefit from the founder’s extensive experience with doodles and insights from breed experts. For example, a Goldendoodle owner guide shares training, socialization, and healthcare tips for this popular doodle hybrid of golden retriever and poodle. 

Quick Guides for New Doodle Owners

The exciting journey of doodle ownership also just got a lot easier with Doodle Dogs Utopia’s quick guides. These guides cover essential topics like finding a responsible breeder, preparing your home for a new puppy, puppy-proofing, and sourcing the appropriate supplies. Whether you’re a seasoned doodle owner or a first-timer, these resources are invaluable in ensuring a smooth transition into doodle parenthood. 

Heartwarming Doodle Dog Stories

You’ll love that Doodle Dogs Utopia also shares heartwarming and inspiring doodle dog stories submitted by owners worldwide. These touching narratives showcase the joy, fun, and unwavering loyalty that doodles bring into their owners’ lives. If you love doodles, you’ll love connecting with a worldwide doodle dog community, where owners can support and learn from each other. 

Online Workshops for Well-Mannered Doodle Dogs

As an added bonus, Doodle Dogs Utopia offers an online workshop designed to teach doodle owners how to train their dogs to behave like well-mannered service dogs. This not only deepens the bond between doodles and their owners but also helps prevent behavioral issues, meaning your doodle will really become your best friend. 

About Doodle Dogs Utopia

After decades of experience with poodles and doodles, Laura Ellsworth created the site to share information, resources, and inspiring stories to help doodle owners better understand and care for their beloved companions.

You can learn more about the passionate team behind Doodle Dogs Utopia at 

A spokesperson for the website expressed their mission, stating, “We aim to create a platform that makes a positive impact in the lives of doodle dogs and their owners.” 

Join the Doodle Dogs Utopia Community

Become a part of the growing doodle dog community by signing up to Doodle Dogs Utopia at Whether you’re seeking information, resources, or a community of like-minded doodle enthusiasts, Doodle Dogs Utopia welcomes you to a world where doodles and their owners thrive together.

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