Don’t write in secret

Dec 8, 2016

The creative loop is very powerful, and can be all consuming, at some point you need to break free.

It’s hard to believe that a children’s author could go to all the effort and write 10 books and still not be known for her work. This is exactly what happened to Lillian Bell and she is not alone. Writing in secret is the best description..

Lillian Bell says “It’s like writing a book, wrapping it up and placing it in a box at the back of the store. The store is in a large city, down a narrow laneway with no street signage, and no signage on the building. This is true of most artists, its like they are performing in secret, hidden away from view.”

One of the greatest challengers for all writers is getting their books not only published but known, finding their tribe, so to speak. Because at the end of the day it is about finding people, finding those individuals that love the story. This is where self promotion enters into the mix, and where most writers struggle with the marketing process.

Lillian Bell says “The creative loop is very powerful, and can be all consuming but at some point, the business hat must come out of the box, and strategies planned, along with marketing the book to be successful, after all… the word needs to get out.”

Most people are intrigued by a success story, J.K. Rowling being the ultimate rags to riches story. However most writers will never get close to such success, and a lot of this depends on many factors, including their genre and what is trending at the time.

None the less, to achieve success, it won’t happen if the book, painting or singing voice is wrapped up neatly in a box, in the back room of a store, down a dark lane in a big city.

With that being said, no longer is Lillian writing in secret, her books are available worldwide through Amazon and her latest Book ‘Where are the Christmas Bells’ is now available in soft cover and on Kindle.

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