Does Your Dog Need An Exercise Routine? Experts Offer Top Canine Fitness Tips

Nov 17, 2023

If your favorite furry friend could use some exercise help, Dog Insider offers a guide to dog fitness, with tips for boosting physical and mental activity levels.

Is Fido looking fat?!?

If so, your precious - and pudgy - pooch may need some encouragement to get more active and improve their health!

The team at Dog Insider explores practical methods for upping your dog’s fitness level, such as measuring out meal portions, incorporating daily walks, setting aside time to play, and creating opportunities for mental stimulation.

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You'll find easy ways to improve your pet’s overall health, especially in terms of losing weight and putting a daily physical routine in place.

As obesity rates in dogs continue to rise, a recent study from Texas A&M University shows that exercise affects more than just weight, as dogs who lacked a regular fitness routine generally exhibited poor muscle tone and higher rates of brain disease, as well as bone disorders and increased risks of mental and behavioral issues. The guide from Dog Insider explores some of the reasons exercise is so vital for canines and offers practical tips for ensuring your fuzzy buddy gets the activity level they need. “Keeping your pup in tip-top shape is crucial for their physical and mental well-being, not to mention their emotional state and sheer joy in life,” the guide says. “With the right knowledge and preparation, you can turn your dog’s exercise routine in to a tail-wagging adventure!”

The guide begins with techniques for creating a customized exercise routine and diet for your pet, including how to determine daily calorie requirements and correct portion sizes, taking into account breed, size, and age.

You'll also get ideas for ways to encourage your dog to be more active, including through interactive games, treat-dispensing wheels, and scheduled play time, as well as guidance on nutrition and healthy dog treats that are low in fat.

Dog Insider’s team of canine fitness experts takes a look at food puzzles as a tool to challenge your dog and get them to be more active while promoting mental stimulation and problem-solving skills.

The role of hands-on training as a mode of enhancing your dog's fitness levels physically and mentally is also explored, with practical step-by-step instructions for teaching your pooch common tricks and commands, such as “sit,” “fetch,” and how to shake paws.

Start improving your pup's health levels today with tips from the Dog Insider team!

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