DIY Aromatherapy Nasal Inhalers: Learn How To Use Them For Aromatherapy

Feb 1, 2024

Ever wanted to have the power of essential oils in a portable, on-the-go inhaler? Well, now you can, by following the steps in Loving Essential Oils’ guide!

Have you ever had one of those days where you're sick, tired, and stressed and all you need is a nice dose of aromatherapy? Well, now you can get that boost whenever you need it, thanks to Loving Essential Oils! Their guide provides a step-by-step tutorial for creating homemade disposable and reusable essential oil inhalers. The guide also shares some DIY essential oil blend recipes designed specifically for aromatherapy inhalers.

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Aromatherapy In The Palm Of Your Hand!

Essential oils are known to provide many health and wellness benefits, including relief from congestion, headaches, and stress. One of the main ways people receive these benefits is through the use of aromatherapy inhalers. Though many people prefer to purchase their inhalers ready-made, there has been a growing trend toward homemade inhalers. Loving Essential Oils shares everything you need to know about these devices so that if you decide to make them at home, you will know how to do so safely and affordably.

“Aromatherapy inhalers are an easy way to use essential oils in your everyday life,” explained Jennifer Lane, founder of Loving Essential Oils. “Our guide not only shows you how to make them at home, but it also teaches you how to use them properly so you get the most benefits possible.”

Easy To Make, Easy To Use!

All that’s needed to make an aromatherapy inhaler is 10 to 15 drops of essential oil and a blank inhaler. The drops are applied to the wick inside the inhaler and then the inhaler is resealed. To prevent losing or mixing up inhalers, Loving Essential Oils recommends labeling them with the names of the essential oils or blends that are within.

When using the inhaler, Loving Essential Oils suggests following a 5-5-5 approach. This means, inhaling for five seconds, holding the breath in for five seconds, and then exhaling for five seconds. For optimal results, they recommend doing this 2 to 3 times as needed.

Regarding the types of essential oils or blends that can go into the inhalers, there are no hard and fast rules; however, Loving Essential Oils notes that lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus are particularly effective when used in inhalers.

Nothing But Benefits!

In addition to providing relief from congestion, headaches, and stress, aromatherapy inhalers can help improve your mood and balance, increase your energy, and narrow your concentration and focus. They're also a useful tool for combatting anxiety, depression, and emotional instability.

“If you want to get all the benefits of essential oils without the mess, consider making your own aromatherapy inhaler,” said Lane. “They can be used in any setting, whether at home or on the go, and they're small enough to fit in any pocket, purse, bag, or wallet.”

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