Discover The Silky Texture Of Tanzania Coffee Made From Bourbon & Kent Beans

Mar 23, 2023

Searching for your new favorite morning cup of coffee? You need to try Boss Brew Coffee’s Tanzania variety, made from floral and fruity exotic bourbon and kent beans. Discover their wonderfully fresh, small-batch roasted coffees today!

Discover The Silky Texture Of Tanzania Coffee Made From Bourbon & Kent Beans

If you prefer your coffee bright and fruity with a silky-smooth texture, this Tanzanian variety from Boss Brew Coffee is for you. It's made from medium-light roasted exotic bourbon and kent beans, which brings out the unique notes of pear, jasmine, and strawberry in its floral taste profile.

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Boss Brew Coffee's Tanzanian coffee has a silky texture and bright, citric acidity. The bourbon and kent beans also give the blend a vibrant tasting profile with floral notes of pear, jasmine, and strawberry.

The beans used by Boss Brew Coffee are grown at altitudes of 1200-1900 m in clay minerals soil by small cooperative farmers. These specially selected cultivars are from the Mbeya region of southern Tanzania between Lake Nyasa and Lake Tanganyika.

The medium-light roast of this variety only highlights the bourbon and kent beans’ unique flavors and characteristics more explicitly than any dark-roasted alternative. The lighter roast also means the Tanzania coffee is more caffeinated than other darker varieties, making it a suitable choice for a cup early in the morning with your breakfast.

All Tanzanian coffee beans are wet-processed before being dried on raised beds and roasted to bring out their berry flavor. Boss Brew Coffee uses AB-grade fresh-roasted Tanzanian beans, the second highest certification in the Tanzania coffee grading system.

You can purchase Boss Brew's Tanzania coffee from its online store in 12 oz, 1 lb, 2 lb, or 5 lb bags, as either a standard grind, espresso grind, or whole beans.

Boss Brew Coffee is committed to curating a diverse selection of products for you to enjoy from the best coffee-growing nations in the world, and its small-batch coffees roasted to order ensure that the product is still fresh when it reaches you. The gourmet coffee brand has established a strong reputation for its premium grinds and beans, as indicated by its numerous positive testimonials.

Aside from the Tanzania coffee, Boss Brew Coffee has 42 other unique varieties for you to choose from, including single-origin coffee products and flavored coffees. The online store also offers flasks, mugs, and coffee machines, with gift cards also available.

A satisfied customer said, “We tried the Tanzania beans, and they made both great lattes and Aeropress drinks! We tend to like African coffees, and this one didn’t disappoint.”

Take your breakfast to the next level by trying out some delicious new gourmet coffees. Visit for further details on the Tanzania coffee.

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