Discover The Power Of Deep Sentinel Home Security Fast Response Systems

Oct 14, 2019

If you’re looking for the best home security system to suit your needs, this new guide is for you. It covers the importance of fast response times and human intervention to get the best results.

  • discover the power of deep sentinel home security fast response systems
  • discover the power of deep sentinel home security fast response systems
  • discover the power of deep sentinel home security fast response systems
  • discover the power of deep sentinel home security fast response systems
  • discover the power of deep sentinel home security fast response systems

When it comes to home security systems, fast response time is everything. Cutting down response from minutes to seconds can mean all the difference in stopping the burglary taking place.

So if you’re in the market for a home security system for your home, you need to find one that can offer you the fast response time you need. But that’s not the only important factor.

It’s also important to be able to verify whether it’s a false alarm or real-time threat. So where can you begin when looking for the best home security systems online?

Home Security Focus has launched a new report focusing on response times with home security systems and covering the most important aspects of any security system. It highlights the different systems available on the market, and showcases the cutting edge Deep Sentinel system and what makes it the best.

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The new guide explains that 60% of burglars will avoid a house if it has a security system. What’s more, home owners are 300% more likely to get burgled if they don’t have an alarm system in place.

However, this research also means that 40% of thieves don’t care either way. This is a worrying statistic, and it’s on the rise.

In addition to this, the latest data also shows that one American home is burgled every 9 seconds. There are a lot of break-ins and thefts taking place at homes with and without security systems in place.

In the event of the worst happening and a burglary taking place, the response time from the security provider will be crucial. Often it can be the key differentiator between a successful robbery and a foiled attempt.

Response time is the combined total of two factors: the time it takes to enter a code before the alarm goes off, and the time it takes to notify the provider that an alarm has been triggered.

For many security systems, the first response is to notify the homeowner. If no contact is made, that’s when they get in touch with the authorities. However, this process is often too slow.

On top of this, around 90% of security alarms are false alarms, which can cause problems for the police. These days, more and more police simply don’t respond to residential security alarm calls.

This is where a key step comes into play: verification. If a security system can verify that a burglary is taking place, then the police will act.

The ideal solution should therefore be able to weed out false threats, identify an actual threat, and put human eyes, ears and voice on the scene in real time.

This combination could cut response time down from minutes to seconds, making all the difference.

Deep Sentinel is a cutting edge security system that provides this combination of features. Deep Sentinel involvement means real-time steps to engage, deter, and alert police even as the burglary is taking place.

All of this can happen in 30 seconds or less, providing homeowners with a powerful tool in their arsenal against thieves trying to break in.

Deep Sentinel is a next generation home security solution that aims to stop crime before it happens. Unlike other systems, it is powered by a combination of proprietary AI, HD smart cameras, and 24/7 LiveSentinel personal security guards.

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