Discover The God-Like Power Of Human Consciousness In This Science-Backed Book

Jun 3, 2021

You are God – because you’re in the wisdom of energy and love. Learn more about your place in the universe with this new book!

Do you want to learn more about your relationship to God and your place in the universe? Discover the real power behind your energy and your impact on the world with this new book!

Global Stabilized Energy LLC, a new movement that explores alternative or non-traditional ways of how humanity sees and relates to God or God-like beings, has released a new book entitled [Your Name].blog, written by KC Pattison.

You can uncover all the answers you need to life with the science-backed methodology in this book!

Learn more about it at:

The latest announcement is in line with GSE’s vision of creating a worldwide movement that focuses on the possession of the ‘Self’ rather than the worship of deities. The book contains a formula that has the potential to unite all religions across the globe, by using it to understand and exemplify the ‘Self’.

The ‘Self’ relates to the idea that the human consciousness is God-like, therefore omniscient or all-seeing and all-knowing, and that you are capable of achieving all things currently only thought possible by God or God-like beings.

The book explores the theory that matter and energy are scientifically proven to be the same thing, therefore in general terms, everything in the universe is the same and equal, including God or God-like beings and your or me. This in turn creates the concept that we possess the same capabilities as deities and that the human race is equal to God as opposed to beneath, as many major religions currently believe humans to be.

A sample of the book is available on GSE’s website, an online copy of the full version can be purchased for $9.99 and the book is also available for purchase in print for $19.99. In addition to the new book, Global Stabilized Energy also offer an online course for $499 that explores GSE’s theories and concepts in intricate detail.

Speaking of his vision, author KC Pattison states, “Our mission at Global Stabilized Energy LLC is to unite all religions into one by understanding Self through the book. This book is my vision where we all can come together as one by knowing we are God’s truth in knowledge and it is for us to uncover together. I have a way of doing just that in this book.”

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