Discover The Best Wine Club Membership Deals For Corporate Gifting This Holiday

Looking for the perfect corporate gift this holiday season? Something which truly reflects the high calibre of your business? Napa Valley Elite say consider giving a wine club membership and see reap the returns all year long!

Gifts. Every holiday season, the panic sets in. What do you give those who have supported your business that truly reflects your corporate identity? 

So much of the branded stuff you can catalogue order just looks cheap. How often are they going to use a frisbee with your logo on it, really? They’d just lose that fancy pen. Hampers are overdone. And that power bank seemed great until someone admitted that they chucked last year’s one when it stopped working mid-February!

What gift can you give which shows you mean business; screams class, professionalism and won’t break the bank? Something personal. Something special. Something luxurious.

Why not consider giving a wine club membership this holiday season? Uncork the benefits with Napa Valley Elite’s latest guide at        

You might not have even considered it as an option before, but wine club subscriptions make the ideal holiday gift for valued clients or as a reward for outstanding employees. Your appreciation for their support is demonstrated anew with each monthly delivery, meaning that your company has positive associations for them all year long. 

US wine club memberships have gained in popularity (I mean, who doesn’t enjoy some good wine?), and the companies behind the most well-known subscription services are now offering deals and benefits specifically designed for businesses looking for a new way to show customer appreciation. 

Napa Valley Elite’s latest guide explains that many wine clubs now offer you the chance to create customizable labels for corporate clients. This makes wine clubs an excellent example of creating brand awareness with a recognizably high quality product. Especially important if you are dealing with customers who are used to the finer things in life.

Some of the wine clubs featured in the guide, such as the California Wine Club and Naked Wines, also offer personalized messages with each delivery. This creates an opportunity, not only to express thanks for endorsing your business, but also a potential marketing opportunity which can adapt to your company’s annual communication strategy. Give a gift at Christmas and have a captive market for the Fourth of July? Sounds like we’ve just found the gift that keeps on giving!

Get the best advice for selecting the perfect choice of wine membership in relation to your personal taste and price point from Napa Valley Elite at    

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