Discover The Best Selling EX-701 Knee Support With Four Way Non Slip Strapping & Comfort Gap By Visiting This Website

Mar 30, 2017

Find out why the EX-701 Knee Brace Support is a best seller on Amaazon. The brace designed by Exous Bodygear has a unique four way, super strong velcro, non slip strapping system, a comfort gap and a jacquard lycra lining to keep you running in comfort.

Exous Bodygear have announced celebrations for breaking half a million dollars barrier in sales of their knee brace product. The EX-701 Knee Brace Support is a uniquely designed support with a comfortable four way strap system and is non irritations to the skin.

Exous Bodygear explains that their focus is on products that serve a purpose, make a difference and look good. They spend a lot of time with professional athletes and physiotherapists listening to what is needed. They also use feedback from consumers to shape their designs to ensure they produce the best possible products.

Their first ever product is the EX-701 Knee Support Brace which features a four way strap system to ensure a non slip fit that stays in place even during a long run. They use super strong velcro to make sure the straps stay in place when customers need them to the most.

The EX-701 also features a 0.5 inch comfort gap to eliminate overheating and bunching up of material behind the knee. They understand that if a person wears the brace for many hours of the day, sweating and heat could be potentially uncomfortable. They explain that this is why they have lined the knees brace with jacquard lycra which is the same material undergarments are made of for comfort and air circulation, cutting the risk of rashes and chaffing.

The EX-701 sales have recently broken through the half a million dollars barrier. This new milestone is being celebrated by Exous Bodygear offering their customers a special March Madness sale price. The brace is sold exclusively through Amazon here:

Those wishing to find out more about the features and benefits of the EX-701 knee brace can visit the company website on the link provided above or more in depth articles and information information can be found here:

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