Discover The Best Hawaiian Destinations For Volcanic Events In The Big Island

Nov 30, 2023

If you are hoping to witness the incredible volcanic activity of the Hawaiian islands on your upcoming vacation, then this is for you: the Hawaiian Island Travel Network has published their guide to the (literally speaking) hottest attractions on The Big Island.

Hawaii is a land of extremes...

Unparalleled tropical landscapes meet with brutal wasteland, clashing in fire as the very earth rends open underfoot - flowers bloom, the land in a constant state of destruction and renewal. This is the paradox of Hawaii: ancient beauty on full display, yet so impermanent, so vulnerable!

This is the draw of the islands, though. Witnessing this beauty is likely at the top of your list if you are planning a visit to Hawaii, and rightfully so. The islands are truly unique in so many aspects, not least of which being the incredibly active volcano that is responsible for birthing the islands themselves, so many thousands of years ago.

The most incredible thing is that that engine of creation is still churning on - the islands are still growing, and you can see that process continuing before your very eyes!

But how do you, as a tourist, get the best vantage on this incredible process? For that, we must turn to the experts: The Hawaiian Island Travel Network!

With guides on almost every aspect of island life, they are your all-in-one resource when planning your Hawaiian dream vacation! Check out their new guide on the best volcanic attractions on The Big Island and bear witness to one of this planet's most ancient and primal forces.

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Vacation With Confidence

This new guide joins a wide variety of other coverage on the Hawaiian Island Travel Network, a site which has been created to provide travelers with high-quality information about all of Hawaii’s major islands.

In this new guide, you will find:

  • The BEST volcanic overlooks, parks, and museums
  • Some of Hawaii's most beautiful natural areas
  • A peek at the highest points on The Big Island
  • The coolest spots to chill out after your "explosive" volcanic adventure

What's Inside?

The guide begins by discussing a few of the attractions created specifically to showcase the volcanic activity present on the island, such as the Volcanoes National Park and the Thomas A. Jaggar Museum of Volcanology. If you're looking for an affordable way to enjoy this unique opportunity, these are your best bet!

Likewise, if you are interested in exploring the tectonic activity of the islands while still remaining close to commercial centers, you will find recommendations in this guide as well. In particular, the Hawaiian Island Travel Network discusses the town of Hilo as being of interest as being near the basalt Boiling Pots, a famous stretch of the Wailuku River featuring stunning volcanic formations.

In addition to the volcanic attractions listed above, the guide explores many of the other natural wonders that you should add to your itinerary when visiting The Big Island.

These include:

  • The world-famous Rainbow Falls
  • The gorgeous Waipi'o Valley
  • The many sacred and culturally significant sites at the base of the mountain
  • The unique and relaxing Richardson Beach Park

Hawaii's Premier Travel Site

When exploring these incredible spots, though, we cannot forget the history behind them. The Hawaiian Island Travel Network is always quick to remind readers like you that the history of the islands is as rich as it is storied, and that finding ways to celebrate that history is just as important as celebrating your vacation!

This is one of many guides to The Big Island present on the Hawaiian Island Travel Network, where you can also find coverage regarding the many man-made and cultural attractions available to tourists like you, as well as the best hotels and restaurants currently open. You can read this new guide and many others at the link below.

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