Discover Six Rosehip Oil Benefits Such As Treating Acne Scars Stretch Marks Wrinkles Unruly Hair & Dry Skin By Reading This Article

Apr 27, 2017

Loving Essential Oils have launched a new article on the benefits and uses of rose hip oil. The holistic health experts provide essential oils and accessories in their online store as well as a variety of tips and recipes.

A new article has been launched by Loving Essential Oils on the benefits and uses of rosehip oil. Loving Essential Oils is an online store selling essential oils and also provides reports, tips and recipes for aromatherapy.

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Loving Essential Oils is a family owned company whose passion is natural and holistic health. They explain that they use essential oils every day and offer all the right tools so that their customers can do the same.

They have just released a new article on the top six uses and benefits of rosehip oil, which contains essential fatty acids and vitamins A and C. This oil is extracted from the seeds of the wild rose bush and is used by many regions throughout the world.

The first benefit in the articleis that is is useful in helping to treat acne and scarring by leaving the skin supple, even tones and clearer, without the use of harsh chemicals. Rosehip oil is also known for its anti aging properties and can help increase collagen production by adding a few drops to moisturizer alongside frankincense oil.

The third use is to help calm dry and unruly hair. The oil’s properties ensure that hair becomes softer, shinier and dandruff free by massaging the warmed oil from the roots to the ends. It can also help with brittle nails. Massaging the nutrient rich oil in to nail beds twice a day for a week makes them stronger and rejuvenated.

The last two benefits on the list feature the skins. Rose hip seed oil has been proven to visibly reduce stretch marks and is ideal those resulting from pregnancy. It is also an ideal oil to relieve dry, itchy skin as the vitamins and fatty acids hydrate skin and promote regeneration.

Alongside essential oils they also stock blue glass jars, roll on bottles, amber vials, multi colored sprayers, dropper bottles, money saving tool kit bundles, and much more. These supplies enable their customers to create natural, homemade products for themselves, family and friends.

Those wishing to find out more can visit the website on the link provided above.

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