Discover How Lack Of Sleep Can Affect Appetite Hormone Imbalance & Health Malfunction With This Sleep Sherpa Report

Jun 12, 2018

A new sleep and appetite report has been launched, highlighting the link between good sleep and a balanced diet. It emphasises the importance of good sleep because sleep, appetite and healthy weight are all related.

Sleep Sherpa has launched a new report with a focus on the importance of good sleep, and how sleep affects appetite. The site was created to help educate people about the benefits of sleep, and provide reviews and information on the best products available on the market.

More information can be found at:

The Sleep Sherpa report explains that there is a link between sleep and appetite, and highlights the importance of getting the right amount of sleep each night.

It says that two of the most basic and vital functions of any living being are eating and sleeping, and that one is incomplete without the other. When people eat right but don’t get proper sleep, their health can take a hit. Meanwhile, sleeping well but not eating right makes the body malfunction.

The report emphasises that sleep, appetite, and healthy bodily function and weight are all tied together. This is an often overlooked and little known aspect of sleep that many people don’t know about.

Sleep Sherpa states that there is substantial research to show that short or disturbed sleep increases the appetite for high calorie food. This is because the appetite is affected by hormone balance.

The report says: “When a person sleeps less than four hours a night, ghrelin levels go up, and leptin levels go down. This leads to an increase in appetite and food intake.”

Sleep Sherpa was created by Ben Trapskin as way of highlighting the importance of good rest. Among the articles available on site, visitors can find authentic reviews on the best mattresses, best pillows, and best bedding for a good night’s sleep.

Sleep Sherpa quick picks are also available for anyone wanting quick information on the top mattresses, sheets, sleep trackers, and more. Full details can be found on the URL above.

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