Discover A Heartwarming, Fun Picture Book For 6-8 Year Old Children On Lockdown

Jun 7, 2020

Are you looking for a funny book to read with your kids during coronavirus lockdown? Then check out How Old Are You Mama? Reading with your kids is an enjoyable activity that can create a love of stories that lasts forever. With schools on lockdown, many parents are looking for more reading material to enjoy with their children.

If you want a fun, energetic read with lovely, heartwarming illustrations, you’ve come to the right place. The new book from Dorothy McCurtis and Letitia Barnett is a great little story that’s sure to delight!

Illustrated by James McCurtis Jr, it’s called “How Old Are You Mama?”, and is aimed at children from 6-8 years old. It encourages them to read along with their parents and inspires them to write their own stories.

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The authors explain that children’s books are a way for families to have fun and enjoy laughing together, even in times of stress or tension. “How Old Are You Mama?” is a picture book that creates humor, inspiration, and enjoyment for children at the same time.

Throughout the book, the mother must face questions about her age, which she attempts to deflect. At the end of the book, Mama has a way to avoid telling her age, and she is able to get away with it.

The authors wanted to create a story that adults would enjoy reading, while children can appreciate the humor as the events unfold on the page. Mama avoids telling her age in a unique and humorous manner, making it an inspirational and funny story for boys and girls.

Dorothy McCurtis is a mother of five adult children and 13 grandchildren, along with 10 great grandchildren. She put her own experience as a mother into the book to make it a more enjoyable story.

She co-wrote the book with her daughter, Letitia Barnett, and they based the story on family experiences. The illustrations are by Dorothy’s son, James, who also brought his experience to the fore in crafting the story.

During the coronavirus pandemic, schools around the country are closed, and families are looking for ways to entertain their children. “How Old Are You Mama?” is available on Amazon and Amazon Alexa, and the family encourages parents to buy it to read while at home with their kids.

McCurtis and Barnett hope that the book will motivate children to read, write, and learn, while providing inspiration.

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