Discounted Sports Event Trips: Get Up To 70% Off Normal Rates On Luxury Travel

Jun 21, 2024

Travorium is giving sports fans the chance to travel to see some of the world’s biggest sporting events with up to 70% off the standard price… so it’s on your marks, get set, book!

Whether it’s seeing Messi score a goal wearing the Argentinian stripes in the World Cup or seeing the Kansas City Chiefs just steal it away from the 49ers in the Super Bowl, big sporting events are unforgettable moments in time, and Travorium knows that nothing can compare to the energy of being there and seeing it unfold in the stadium. 

That’s why, the next time your favorite team or player makes it to the final, they want to take you there for less. Find out how at

Event Trips Just For Sports Fans

With Travorium, you can more simply and cheaply book either a ‘done-for-you’ or personalized tour to the next big sporting event of your dreams.

Travorium has become increasingly popular among regular travelers who are seeking out heavily discounted travel packages and transparent pricing comparisons, and now they are on a mission to make sure sports fans like you never miss a goal!

Stay Your Way With Luxury & Adventure Tours

Whether you are looking for a luxurious city tour or to partner a sporting event with a more adventurous trip in a far-flung destination, Travorium is confident they can offer a discounted tour package that will suit your travel style.

Get Up To 70% Off Normal Rates

Travorium works by forging their own partnerships with hotels and resorts worldwide, outside of the standard booking platforms. By doing so, they can bring you travel agent rates and discounts of up to 70%.

They also partner with car rental companies, activity providers, and more, to ensure that, beyond accommodation, they can offer you discounted booking opportunities that will bring your whole trip together.

“With our help, you can book at travel agent rates - saving you up to 70% off normal rates on hotels, cruises, resorts, rental cars, activities and excursions, and more,” said a representative for the team behind the alternative booking engine. “With the Travorium platform, you can embark on unforgettable sporting event tours without having to spend the time, money, or effort in putting together trips of that magnitude.”

Become A Member To Get More Discounts

Because Travorium only offers their services to members, they can also reward you with additional travel discount points as well as income opportunities. This means that on top of the affordable travel agent rates that the booking engine offers, their members can further lower the cost by applying the travel points and income they earn from both using the platform and recommending it to others.

Whether you want to see the next FIFA World Cup in 2026 or plan a last-minute trip to Paris for the Olympics this year, Travorium encourages you to see how their booking engine works, and take advantage of their luxury and adventure-style packages and easy-to-use price comparisons.

If you want to find out more before becoming a member, they regularly host free online demos that will answer any questions you have.

Sign up for one at

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