Discount Cheap Precision Rain Gauge Weather Watching Measurement Tool Amazon Launch

Aug 3, 2016

Save 30% on the precision mountable rain gauge from Outdoor Home, which is frost resistant and works in any climate, without scratching for years of weather watching use, ensuring it’s perfect for yard work and educational purposes.

The OutdoorHome LouRoss Technology rain gauge has launched on Amazon, allowing more customers access to the high quality technology with a 100% money back guarantee and 30% discount. The 6" deluxe rain gauge is tough and sturdy, made for harsh climates, so it can be used in all areas, allowing weather watchers, families, gardeners and ranchers to enjoy rainfall measuring for years to come.

More information can be found on the rain gauge Amazon page listing at:

OutdoorHome is a small family owned business operating out of Australia, selling products for over 20 years both locally and worldwide. The company website explains that each product is carefully chosen by hand and tested thoroughly to ensure its quality. OutdoorHome chooses to work with a range of other small, boutique companies as suppliers to ensure that customers purchase superior quality products.

The rain gauge sold by OutdoorHome is easy to read and see the rain level, with raised graduations that give a clear and accurate rainfall measurement. The site underscores that even customers living in an area of extreme temperature can use the OutdoorHome gauge because it is virtually unbreakable.

The company says that the product is frost resistant, and won't crack or yellow from the sun, which ensures they remain easy to use and read for years after purchase.

On the Amazon page listing, customers can discover how the OutdoorHome rain gauge is easy to install on a post, easy to use and easy to clean, and comes with a free conversion chart so inexperienced and experienced users alike can weather watch without fuss.

Because it's mountable with a dual scale, the product can measure in both inches and millimetres, ensuring the precision rain gauge can be used well in any location, including the yard, where users can manage their garden and vegetable patch watering so they don't waste water.

Interested parties wanting to know more about the product can get in touch with OutdoorHome through the contact form provided on their website at:

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