Disaster Proof Crypto Recovery Kit 2023: Cryptotag Titanium Seed Phrase Storage

Mar 13, 2023

Make your crypto-wallet invincible, so your assets are safe against damage, loss, theft, or even the complete destruction of your wallet. Record your recovery phrase onto these titanium plates from Cryptotag, and it will be protected from fires, floods, earthquakes, and even bullets.

Disaster Proof Crypto Recovery Kit 2023: Cryptotag Titanium Seed Phrase Storage

Do you remember, maybe a decade ago, when there were a bunch of stories in the news about crypto-millionaires that lost access to their wallets?

One fellow, who accidentally threw a wallet containing over $150 million in Bitcoin into the garbage, has spent the last 9 years attempting to find his wallet in the local landfill.

It's such an easy thing to do, misplacing a tiny electronic device, dropping it in some water, or losing it in a fire. If you did this today though, you wouldn't necessarily lose all of your assets - not if you had a backup device with your recovery seed, stored in a safe location.

The Cryptotag Zeus Recovery Seed Tool, a titanium vault for storing your wallet backup phrase, is now available from The Crypto Merchant website both as a standalone recovery device and as an extra security feature included with several popular hardware wallets.

Visit https://www.thecryptomerchant.com/collections/cryptotag to learn more about the Zeus Recovery Kit, and the wallets it comes bundled with.

The titanium vault from Cryptotag can help you to restore access to your lost digital assets, if your crypto wallet is stolen, lost, damaged, destroyed, or otherwise inaccessible. The vault includes everything required to record and store a 24-word recovery phrase, and it includes extra plates in case you have several wallets.

It's easy to use, just mark your recovery phrase on the plates, put them in a secure location, and you're done. If your wallet is ever lost, just pull the plates out, decode your recovery phrase, and enter it in your new wallet to regain access.

Of course, permanently recording a 24-word phrase onto titanium plates is easier said than done, but there's a trick that makes it super easy and quick.

Recovery phrases use a BIP39 encoding standard, which allows you to mark an entire 24-word phrase using only the first 4 letters of each word. That means you can permanently mark your complete recovery seed on titanium plates in just 5 to 10 minutes, using the punch tool included in the Cryptotag Zeus Recovery kit.

The titanium plates have been tested to ensure that they can withstand the most likely causes of damage, including fire, water, kinetic impacts, and mechanical force, while remaining legible. Cryptotag has tested the plates with a variety of devices, including pneumatic hammers, bullets, metal rollers, and fires that reach over 3000 degrees.

It's probably wrong to say that these plates are "invincible," or "indestructible," but they sure come close. If your recovery kit is smashed with pneumatic hammers, shot at, put through metal rollers, doused in water, and placed in a blacksmith's fire, it should still survive, but you may want to consider a less dangerous lifestyle.

A titanium recovery wallet can help to restore your lost or destroyed wallet, however, the plates can also allow bad actors to access your wallet if they are not stored correctly. That's why the Cryptotag Zeus kit has been designed with hiding the plates in mind, and the company made them approximately the same size as a standard wallet, though only ¼ inch thick. That's small enough to hide just about anywhere.

You can use the Cryptotag recovery kit with any crypto wallet that uses the BIP39 standard, which is all of them, and it can be found included with several popular wallets on The Crypto Merchant website, including the Ledger Nano X and the Trezor Model T. If you live in the United States, they'll even offer you free shipping, which is a good deal when you're mailing metal plates around.

As their website explains, “Cryptotag has become the world’s best-selling recovery tool because of the passion, expertise, and patient testing of its makers. HODLers in over 60 countries trust Cryptotag with their crypto assets.”

Whether you're a daily trader, or a HODLer, and whether you have $200 in crypto, or $2,000,000 - it's worth protecting your investment.

The titanium recovery kit from Cryptotag is fast, easy, and proof against anything life can throw at it, without any bells, whistles, or connected technology that could compromise your security.

Because sometimes, basic is better.

Visit https://www.thecryptomerchant.com to learn more about the recovery kit from Cryptotag, and other popular backup kits and hardware wallets for 2023.

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