Digital Nomad App Helps Remote Entrepreneurs Build & Grow New Small Businesses!

May 1, 2024

If you dream of becoming a digital nomad, you can access a wealth of business growth and development tools from GNT Social. Their series of remote work guides gives you all the info you need to succeed!

You've dreamed of finishing your day's work with a casual stroll along a beach in Thailand, or a cocktail in a Mediterranean bar. Through their digital nomad platform and guide series, GNT Social helps your dream become a reality!

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With a focus on empowering remote working entrepreneurs throughout the USA and Canada, the guide series also provides you with key resources and solutions to support your digital career, wherever you may be.

As rates of digital nomadism continue to increase at a brisk pace all over the world, the GNT Social platform functions as an all-in-one resource for people who may be considering the transition to remote, online work.

Get Practical Advice

A recent report from The Guardian shows that over 50 different countries now offer digital nomad visas, facilitating the possibility of travel combined with remote work as a permanent or semi-permanent lifestyle for a growing number of people. With an emphasis on preparation and practical tips, the guide series from GNT Social equips and informs you with step-by-step advice.

“At its core, being a digital nomad means having the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection,” explains a spokesperson. “The lifestyle is about blending work and travel, and we offer you all the tools you need for success while building and growing your business through remote work.”

Explore Perks

For those who may not be familiar with the concept, the guide starts with a definition and description of the digital nomad lifestyle, along with a brief exploration of common perks, such as flexible hours, travel opportunities, and personal growth.

You'll also find practical guidance on how to organize your personal finances and plan for your big move, with advice on estimating flight and accommodation prices, as well as co-working costs and travel insurance.

Additionally, the team of digital nomadism experts at GNT Social covers the importance of various remote work applications - like Zoom, Skype, Toggle, or Harvest - and password managers, such as LastPass. They also give you tips for how to access VPN services to ensure internet connections stay secure and geo-restricted content can be accessed.

Troubleshoot Problems

Finally, you can gain insight into some common challenges or obstacles surrounding digital nomad work and how to surmount these, such as always bringing a portable wi-fi device to counteract unexpected technology issues.

Start planning your future as a digital nomad today with help from the team at GNT Social!

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