Digital Music Marketing Agency publishes a book dedicated to helping musicians to make a living with Internet Marketing

Jun 12, 2017

The book sets its focus on online fan acquisition strategy – Available for Free Download This Week.

An artist's chances of generating an annual income of about $ 30,000 without a music label are only 0.00025% according to Music Think Tank. Enough to discourage even the most optimistic! Managing director of Jouzik, artist manager and fan acquisition expert, Teddy Ngou Milama has decided to support artists in a book entitled: Make a Living Selling Music Online: 7 ways of dispelling the myth of penniless artists.

The book, which is available in French, is downloadable for free on Amazon:

Teddy signs a book to help artists with no label or subsidies better live their musical career. He invites them to think outside the box by embracing the power of Internet marketing to make a living.

The author offers his book free of charge at the time of the release to allow as many people as possible to quickly and easily understand the paradigms of the Web.

“The Internet represents an exceptional opportunity for anyone wishing to escape old ideas, and dreaming of a better life just a few clicks away(...) This phenomenon, although still in its infancy, will expand inexorably", explains the author.

In this book, Teddy Ngou Milama presents a 7-point approach; In which he demystifies the psychology of the fans, demonstrates how to seduce them, and ultimately to bring them to consume artistic products.

For the release of his book, Teddy Ngou Milama has also offered to coach 15 artists who are members of Diversité Artistique Montreal for free . Together, they will respond to the digital challenges artists face.

About the author,

Teddy Ngou Milama is founder and managing director of Jouzik. He is also a customer acquisition expert, artist manager, producer and artistic director. Thanks to his 10-year career in the startup industry, Teddy is raising awareness among artists about the need to adopt a digital culture for the development of their musical career.

About Jouzik

Jouzik is a digital music marketing agency that specializes in the acquisition of fans, the retention of fans and their conversion into customers. Jouzik is also a record label.

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