Digital Marketing For Increased Business: Specialists & Surgeons Rowville Vic

Jun 11, 2024

Zon Digital has customised its marketing services to help medical specialists enhance their online presence.

By taking into account the importance of medical specialists & surgeons in having their lists full, Zon Digital has tailored its marketing service to provide a solution that enables these medical specialists to gain more online visibility.

What’s different at Zon Digital:

Zon Digital adheres to the AHPRA guidelines that relate to promoting medical goods and services.

In this way Zon Digital is offering specialist health providers the opportunity to leverage an innovative and effective online marketing strategy fostering enhanced patient engagement and driving remarkable growth.

Zon Digital, a multi award-winning agency based in Rowville Vic, utilises a strategy that announces significant information relating to the topics of the particular surgeon or specialist that they are dealing with. These topics could be achievements that the specialist is responsible for themself, or it might be information that has come from an external source.

Current Landscape of the Allied Health Industry in Rowville Vic

The allied health sector, a vital component of comprehensive healthcare, grapples with escalating challenges such as heightened competition and the imperative of establishing a robust digital presence. Amidst these challenges, allied health professionals are actively seeking effective methods to expand their patient base and provide quality care.

New Online Marketing Initiative Aims To Help The Allied Health Sector

Zon Digital has launched a robust online marketing campaign meticulously crafted for the allied health industry. This initiative strategically utilises search engine optimization (SEO), targeted content marketing, and dynamic social media engagement to establish powerful online visibility with potential patients, providing these allied health companies to foster stronger online community relationships.

How Specialists and Surgeons in Rowville Vic Can Capture & Nurture

In this way, consumers of this content can be introduced to the specialist or surgeon by following links to the website. Once there, the viewer can get the opportunity to contact the specialist’s clinic or sign up for follow-up information.

Increased Visibility and Market Reach For Allied Health Companies

Since the implementation of these online marketing strategies, clients of Zon Digital have witnessed a remarkable surge in web traffic (some as much as 50% increase in 2 or 3 months), and a substantial enhancement in search engine rankings.

Senior marketing executive Eva Zonnios, and CEO of Zon Digital says, "The achievements that we have seen so far have been fantastic and we look forward to serving more businesses that want fast growth without paid ads."

Enhanced Patient Engagement in Rowville Vic through Strategic Marketing

Through targeted social media campaigns and informative blog posts, Zon Digital in Rowville Vic has elevated its engagement with both current and prospective patients, offering valuable marketing advice and insights.

The response from the business sector has been overwhelmingly positive, with many commending the service for its proactive approach to online marketing.

Cost Efficiency and Return on Investment

Comparative analysis demonstrates that the online marketing methods of Zon Digital have proven significantly more cost-effective than traditional advertising methods.

The impressive return on investment means that a company can improve their sales figures while at the same time, reducing the money spent on their Paid Ads, improving ROI from both sides.

Future Goals and Projections for Medical Practices

Having a content marketing strategy in place generates a regular flow of incoming leads. This type of consistency in traffic allows a medical practice, whether a specialist or a surgeon to be able to gain the information they need to predict their business finances.

Looking ahead, Zon Digital Rowville Vic is committed to further enhancing its digital marketing strategies. The service extends its content marketing methods into multiple media platforms and utilised online channels to facilitate seamless cross-promotions and the building of a plethora of authoritative links for high credibility.

Zon Digital remains steadfast in its mission to assist health specialists and surgeons, reach more patients looking for the services they provide, ensuring access to top-tier healthcare services for all.

Cost Efficiency and Return on Investment for Surgeons and Specialists in Rowville Vic

Zon Digital's strategic approach to online marketing not only bypasses traditional advertising costs but also proves to be far more cost-effective. Their method focuses exclusively on leveraging content to attract and engage patients, drastically reducing the need for paid ads.

This efficiency allows for significant savings, which in turn are reinvested into enhancing patient care services.

Examples of Return on Investment for past clients:

National: E-Commerce store:

Over the one year that Zon Digital worked with this business, their gross revenue increased from A$78K to A$177K. This company also reduced their Paid Ads costs from an average of $4K per month to an average of A$800 per month. Increasing their overall ROI even further.

From having leads only coming in via Paid Ads, this company was able to increase their ‘filled in form rate’ by double from what they had originally been getting from online activity, and also experienced a 9K increase in traffic in 3 months.

Local: Pool Services Business

In just a couple of weeks, Zon Digital was able to take this company from being virtually invisible online to showing up in the Google Map Pack for its local area. Over the second month, Zon Digital improved the Google Business Profile for this company further to the extent that the business showed up for all of the surrounding suburbs within a 20-30 km radius of the client’s registered business. A year later, they are still ranking.

Strategy Helps Predict Future Business Outcomes

Adopting Zon Digital’s SEO and content marketing strategy can greatly enhance the ability of a medical specialist or surgeon to predict future business outcomes. Using targeted, data analysis and cost-effective marketing methods can avoid costly paid ads and achieve more predictable growth in patient volume.

The success of this content-driven campaign in attracting genuine patient interest provides a solid basis for boosting business growth for a medical specialist or surgeon, looking for a better way to market their services.

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