Digital Market Agency in Dubai surges in Sales after launching AI Driven Marketplace

Mar 26, 2021

AI driven Marketplace launched by a leading digital marketing agency, SekAi Business in Dubai, is attracting SME owners across the globe by providing wide range of high quality digital marketing products, resulted in rapid growth of new clients and sales.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – March 25th, 2021 – AI Driven Marketplace surged in Sales of Digital Marketing Services, achieved 70% growth of new clients in the first 2 weeks by SekAi Corporate Business Services L.L.C. in Dubai.


 The newly launched AI-driven Marketplace to provide a wide range of high-quality digital marketing products is attracting small business owners across the globe, resulting in the rapid growth of new clients, reported by a leading digital marketing agency in Dubai, UAE.

SekAi Corporate Business Services L.L.C., known as SekAi Business, a digital marketing agency founded by collaboration of Japanese and Swedish innovative technology, has officially launched its B2B and B2C Marketplace on March 8th, 2021 as a powerful online platform to provide high quality digital marketing products to global audiences and business partners. The platform is designed to help anyone on internet and in need of improving their online presence.

The success of SekAi Marketplace is closely related to the fact that the consumers’ behavior affected by global pandemic and the changes of the way how consumers are “influenced”. Business owners are keen to be noticeable by ranking them higher on Google with attractive contents when customers search information. In addition, most of online users on social media are also keen to attract audiences by posting higher quality contents in various ways in order to be noticed their messages.

Datareportal Global Overview Report published on 27th January 2021 reported that more than 53% of the world’s total population now uses social media. 4.66 billion people around the world use the internet. Within the last 12 months, 316 million new users have come online since January 2020. Social media users around the world are estimated 4.20 billion, grown by 13.2%, which is 490 million over the past 12 months.

Meraj Syed, Regional Director of SekAi Business said,

“We are astonished by the number of requests and inquires receiving since the launching our AI driven Marketplace. The global pandemic hasn’t just changed the way we shop, study and spend our free time. It’s changed the weight we are influenced by digital contents. We spend roughly 42 percent of our waking lives online, it means, we spend almost as much time using the internet as we do sleeping. People spend nearly 2.5 hours on social media every day”.

Meraj continued, “SME owners had no choice other than to rush to digitalization to survive and to reach their potential customers. But the analytic shows that many of SME are still unable to catch up the rapid transformation of customer behavior and owners are quite spectacle about their own digital marketing tactics and strategy. They are frustrating because they cannot recognize the increase of traffics and revenue as expected after trying over several months. Business owners are not confident with own digital marketing campaign and are seeking professional support who can help them from various angles to realize effective digital marketing strategy. Same for social media contents providers. They need numbers of high quality attractive contents to continue to push their digital contents frequently to keep themselves visible on social media. We, SekAi Business focus on offering the best tools to bring more traffics to website, increase leads to social media and increase brand recognition. Since launching of SekAi Marketplace, we are confident that we are providing right services and products at the right timing. We’ve already seen quite a few repeating customers ordering our custom-made quality digital products creation service one after another”.

SekAi Marketplace provides powerful and cost-efficient digital marketing tools and services as one-stop-shop. The app is mobile-friendly aiming easy direct interactions with the clients looking for professional digital marketing products with meticulous service. Potential clients can find the details of the services that SekAi provides, send inquires, exchange messages, place orders and make payment on this platform.

Visitors to the new Marketplace can stay informed with the latest services that SekAi Business offers such as mass-online campaign, SEO audit, creation of social media graphic design, video, animated logo, Google My Business (GMB) profile with competitive price.

About: SekAi Corporate Business Services L.L.C.

SekAi Business was founded on the basis of a passion with collaboration of Swedish creativity and Japanese technology with 30 years of experience in Media, PR, Marketing, Advertising, Internet and related areas.

SekAi Business focuses on combined digital marketing, PR, and media-related activities to achieve tangible results for customers. This includes, but is not limited to, social media, backlinks building, keyword research, competitor analysis, and content marketing.

The team at SekAi Business work to identify potential ranking obstacles to systematic on-page optimization based on keyword research, which is supported by AI technology.

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