Dickinson Professional Roofing Inspections & Repairs: Protecting Local Homes

Jun 18, 2024

If you’re in need of prompt and professional roofing assistance in Dickinson, Galveston County Roofing (409-419-6108) is one of the most trusted and affordable contractors in the region.

Protecting Local Homes & Businesses

Texas has seen three times as many severe storms in the last five years, when compared to 40-year averages. That calls for greater vigilance when it comes to maintaining our roofs, and Galveston County Roofing is gearing up to help.

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The trusted local contractor now offers routine roof assessments and repairs at extremely affordable rates. The goal is to identify and address any points of weakness in your roof, because that’s where severe storms can wreak havoc on your home.

We’re no strangers to severe storms in Southeast Texas, but they’re becoming much more frequent and dangerous. From Baytown to Sugar Lands, Galveston County Roofing provides professional assistance to the entire South Houston region.

“A robust and resilient roof has always been important, but weather conditions in our region have become increasingly unpredictable, so we all need to be more vigilant,” a company representative explained. “We have over 15 years’ experience in the industry, and we also respond to any request promptly, so you know you can count on us when you really need roofing help.”

What The Statistics Say

The US National Centers for Environmental Information tracks the number of billion-dollar weather disasters experienced by each state, with Texas leading the nation in terms of both frequency and severity. From 1980 to present, Texas has seen an average of 3.9 billion-dollar weather disasters each year, and in the last five years, that average has almost tripled to 11.0 events.

Galveston County Roofing points out that Texas experienced a record number of billion-dollar storms last year, and the state has already seen six such events this year. The contractor is therefore bolstering its capabilities to ensure that is equipped to provide support when local homes and businesses most need it.

About Galveston County Roofing

First established in 2007, Galveston County Roofing began servicing the Kemah area, and its commitment to quality and affordability has seen the company steadily grow to encompass a much wider region. The firm works with all types of popular roofing materials, including asphalt shingle, standing seam metal, and flat TPO.

“I recently had my asphalt shingle roof replaced by Galveston County Roofing in Friendswood, and I couldn't be happier with the results,” one local client recently stated. “They completed the job quickly and on budget, and the workmanship was top-notch. I’m extremely pleased with how everything turned out.”

Have you had your Dickinson roof inspected by an expert recently?

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