Developers Still In Demand & 3 Other Reasons To Learn Programming In 2024

Jun 21, 2024

Learning never stops – so since it’s inevitable, we may as well be learning something worthwhile. And research suggests learning how to code is still very much worth it.

Do you know what the least spoken language in the world is?

It's sign language - but coding languages are a close second, and right now, you could learn multiple programming languages through a comprehensive coding course.

And if you're thinking "sure, I could, but why should I?" - we got you covered. Programming skills are in high demand at the moment - yes, despite AI. Someone has to program that thing too, after all.

But, if you missed your chance and didn't go to school for software engineering - it's not too late yet. Because there are courses that can teach you all you need to know and open doors to various career paths - such as full-stack developer, security engineer, and software engineer.

That's just one of the benefits (although an important one!) - Tech Training 360 is sharing the other top benefits of taking an online software engineering course in 2024.

Learning Doesn't Have To Be Boring

If learning brings to mind boring classes with just "book learning" - you'll be happy to know that a lot has changed since the olden days. Now, instructors use engaging and interactive teaching strategies to keep students motivated. (It's almost like they actually want you to learn.)

Modern coding courses are no different. Hands-on coding experiences in interactive environments, along with challenges like capture-the-flag exercises, make learning both fun and effective.

Students develop skills in scenarios that simulate real-world scenarios - so they will be able to use those skills in real-world scenarios.

They Cover Everything, And Then Some

These courses also typically have numerous modules covering both frontend and backend development - good for variety and for future job prospects. From website design and app development to system integration - a good course should provide a good foundation in everything that's needed to find work.

As with most online courses, software engineering courses are often flexible, which is great for anyone working a full-time job, taking care of a family, or just wanting the freedom to study at their own pace.

Not "Just" Trained - Trained And Certified

Most courses also provide certification, which won't just look nice on a CV or LinkedIn profile - it's recognized by employers.

While the most important thing is, of course, being able to do the job - certificates can certainly help. If the choice comes down to two equally capable applicants, companies may give the advantage to the one who has a certificate, for various reasons - from potential promotions to further professional development.

These days there are tons of courses and other resources available for anyone willing to learn - that's really all you need. That, and an internet connection. Many of these courses have no prerequisites so they're literally open to anyone with basic computer skills like copy-pasting files and browsing the internet. So maybe even Boomer Dad is just one software engineering course away from a new career.

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