Develop Your Child’s Emotional Intelligence With This Preschool In Concord, ON

Mar 28, 2023

It’s a little nerve-wracking to drop off your child with a group of strangers! But you shouldn’t worry – he or she will learn the kind of life skills needed to grow up healthy and happy! Call EYES Child Care (416-901-5434) today!

Develop Your Child's Emotional Intelligence With This Preschool In Concord, ON

You know at least a little bit about what's called emotional intelligence, right?

In a study of preschoolers aged 4 years old, it was discovered that, 25 years later, their lives were in significantly better shape - as measured by a range of indicators - than those of a comparable control group who had not received emotional intelligence instruction in preschool.

How about that?!!

This daycare centre offers services geared towards both providing a ‘home away from home’ during the day and helping to develop your kids’ emotional intelligence - in line with Ontario’s ELECT early learning framework. While the pandemic led to feelings of anxiety and tension for both caregivers and children, EYES Child Care wants to give children a secure, supportive environment where they can play, interact, and develop as part of a community.

You can learn more at

EYES Child Care, whose daycare program caters to children from 30 months through kindergarten (six years old), now features seven core lessons, including early literacy, early numeracy, environment and community awareness, and personal/social development. The EYES curriculum includes several lessons designed to promote kids’ emotional intelligence - boosting their self-confidence and ability to take responsibility for their actions.

The lesson plans at EYES Child Care offer kids the tools they need to identify, classify, and express their emotions. This is essential for overcoming difficult situations and developing strong, healthy characters. ‘Emotional intelligence’ encourages children to feel and express empathy for others, build and sustain supportive relationships, and make caring decisions.

Exactly what you - like any loving parent - want for your child!

The EYES Preschool program, for instance, is designed to help prepare children for kindergarten and lifelong learning by letting them explore a range of activities while getting used to set schedules. The daycare’s programs feature a staff-to-child ratio of 1:8, allowing teachers to pay closer attention to their students.

The centre’s holistic approach to education helps children to become more well-rounded adults. Since they learn to embrace their personality and develop a moral conscience, they can better navigate future difficulties in life.

EYES Child Care has locations across the country, including several in the Greater Toronto region.

One parent commented: "I love this daycare - I wish I could give it more than 5 stars. I started with them when my son was 10 months and I was worried because I felt he was too young for me to leave him in a daycare, but he is always excited and happy when I drop him off. Even though it’s a bit far from my home, I don’t care that much as long my son is well-taken care of."

Give your kid the tools he or she needs early on to face life's inevitable challenges and obstacles with aplomb later on!

You can call 416-901-5434 or go to and see for yourself how the programs work.

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