Develop 3D Design Skills & Master Blender To Improve Your Career Prospects

Nov 30, 2020

Do you want to learn practical 3D modeling skills that can transform your career prospects? Check out this new online course today!

With this new online course, you can learn the skills you need to grow your career and land your dream design job. Sign up today to see how it can change your life!

A new course has been launched called Mastering 3D Modeling With Blender. It’s designed to make creating realistic and appealing 3D models more approachable for complete beginners, allowing them to learn Blender quickly.

Learn more about the course and join other like-minded designers looking to develop new skills today!

More information can be found at:

The newly launched 3D modeling Blender course aims to meet the growing demand for online courses with practical, real-world applications. When you sign up to the program, you will learn skills that can prepare you for school or a career in design.

With the aim of being a comprehensive online 3D modeling course, the new program takes you from the beginner stages through to professional-grade modeling. As a complete beginner, 3D modeling can be difficult, but the course provides useful tips and strategies for growth.

Whether you want to take your career to new heights, change career completely or learn skills that will help you apply to college, the online program caters to any modeling situation.

The online course is taught by Danan Thilakanathan, and covers everything he’s learned over eight years in the field into one online program. Participants will be able to learn and apply the fundamentals and begin creating their own 3D models quickly and efficiently.

Many students start out with the goal of making an animated short film one day. Others are looking to build their first game or start a 3D YouTube channel with professional-level skills.

The course positions students in the best place to feel comfortable working with Blender 2.8 and beyond. Students will work on their own 3D modeling projects, allowing them to visualize what they have in their head and create it on screen.

Modules include mastering Blender, setting foundational skills that will last students for life. Alongside this, they will learn essential 3D modeling theory, and develop necessary skills to take on wide-ranging projects.

A recent program participant said: “Great introductory course. Everything was explained in detail and at a nice pace. I got here as an empty shell, but now I have the courage to go out and try a project by myself.”

You can find out more info on the link above, as well as at

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