Designer Winter Scene Shower Curtain with Original Poetry by Jazz Singer

Jun 18, 2024

Celebrate the beauty of winter with a shower curtain from Sarah James Jazz Merch, featuring an original photo of a snowy landscape and a poem by the artist.

Give Your Home Unique Touch 

Who would want a plain, boring, white shower curtain when Sarah James Jazz Merch has the coolest collection of shower curtains? If you love winter and appreciate the wonder of nature, Sarah James has the perfect shower curtain for you, featuring her photography art of a snowy landscape.

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These interesting shower curtain designs are perfect if you like to decorate your home with unique and meaningful accessories. The winter scene photography print also has an excerpt from one of Sarah James' poems, adding a layer of artistic beauty.

Original Artwork from Entrepreneurial Artist

Sarah James launched her e-commerce brand, Sarah James Jazz Merch, during the pandemic when she couldn't perform. The new collection of shower curtains showcases the multi-faceted artist's eye for photogenic objects as well as her talent for writing poems.

Snowy Shower Curtain with Poem

The new shower curtain features a photograph of a snowy Hudson Valley forest and is a celebration of the winter season and nature. It's made out of a durable polyester that is easy to wash and is available in 71-inch x 74-inch size. At the bottom, a poem reads: "Nature knows Her Mind, She Understands the Breath of Life. She Changes Colors Every Day. She Grows New Shoots. Under the Snowy Moon, She Life Carries On…"

"This shower curtain is meant for you to get ready to hit the slopes. Perfect for your city home or your country home to perk up your bathroom seasonally. This shower curtain welcomes all winter activities and is a perfect complement to your Holidays," Sarah said.

Other Designs and Products from Sarah James

In the collection, you can find other winter and nature-themed shower curtains, including flowers, a wolf, summer fields, and more. There is also an item from Sarah's street art photography if you want to make a bold statement with a graffiti print of a fiery girl.

In addition to shower curtains, Sarah has a wide selection of products, spanning from long-sleeved T-shirts with NYC graffiti prints to Hindu and jazz-inspired duffle bags and tights. The online shop is perfect if you love stand-out objects at home or in your wardrobes or are looking for gifts for arty and creative people.

"I love nature photography and catching flowers, the woods, bees, the sky, sunsets, and the snow," Sarah said. "I created a whole line of shower curtains because I wanted a big space to show off the gorgeous colors and interesting shapes of nature."

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