Designer Floral Shower Curtain: Match Your Bathroom Decor with Spring Season

Jun 18, 2024

Bring the beauty of spring inside with a floral shower curtain from Sarah James Jazz Merch! The online shop has a new collection of bathroom decor for all seasons that you just can’t miss!

Turn Your Bathroom Into a Blossoming Garden With a New Shower Curtain

Who doesn't love spring, watching all life come back to nature after a long winter? So why not bring those positive floral vibes into your bathroom as well? Check out Sarah James' Jazz Merch collection of seasonally-themed shower curtains designed by a jazz singer and get inspired!

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The new line of designer shower curtains features artist and founder Sarah James' photographs of the different seasons, with something for every time of the year. The products were designed to give homeowners a way to celebrate their favorite seasons by bringing nature inside.

Shower In a Flower Bonanza

One of the spring-themed items is a close-up image of a beautiful bouquet filled with bright colors of blossoms. Sarah captured the image while working at Beethoven's Veranda in Edgewater, NJ, a well-reputed florist in the area known for its floral arrangements. The bouquet is a mix of classic spring flowers like hyacinths, roses, and peonies, making up a colorful mix to decorate a bathroom with.

"Peonies! Roses! Hyacinth! Wow! Spring's glorious gifts greet you each morning! This shower curtain will add an original touch to any bathroom in your home," Sarah said.

The shower curtains are made of durable polyester that can be machine-washed. Sarah suggests that other uses for the shower curtains could be wall hangings, room dividers, and family photo backgrounds- only your imagination sets the limit! All items are made in 71-inch x 74-inch, and international shipping options are available.

More of Sarah's Photographies to Decorate Your Home

The full collection has more floral images, both of spring flowers as well as more summery blossoms like echinacea and a Costa Rican ginger flower. One of the standout items is the winter scene photography of a snowy forest with a snippet from one of Sarah's poems.

In addition to seasonally-themed shower curtains, the full selection of home decor has a fleece blanket with a photograph of an American wolf as well as shower curtains with images from Sarah's personal collection of cats, a Buddha statue, and NYC street art. >>Learn more about Sarah and her story at:

About Sarah James

Sarah James is primarily a jazz singer and has performed since the 1970s. The idea for her e-commerce store came to her during the pandemic when she couldn't perform and decided to make her hobby photography into a business.

"I have always loved taking photos. I love nature photography and catching flowers, the woods, bees, the sky, sunsets, and the snow," Sarah said. "I created a whole line of shower curtains because I wanted a big space to show off the gorgeous colors and interesting shapes of nature."

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