Design Weatherproof New York Ad Signage: Vehicle Magnetic Signs Available Now

Nov 17, 2023

Political campaign advertising is best taken far and wide… in other words, where potential voters are! Big Daddy’s Signs prints and cuts vehicle magnets for mobile marketing in New York – call +1-800-535-2139 today!

If billboards had wheels, they’d look a little like your car! That is, after you’ve ordered high-quality vehicle magnets for political campaign promotions. Looking for a print shop that can meet your custom ad demands? In Big Daddy’s Signs, you’ve found the best around!

They provide weatherproof advertising materials for outdoor promotions, a vital need for public campaigners like you. It’s important that you reach potential voters in high-traffic locations while braving the elements. These vehicle magnets are specifically designed to help you achieve this goal.

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Big Daddy’s Signs’ magnetized signs can be cut to fit on your car, truck, and van doors - generating mobile advertising and campaign recognition on the go. When you’re driving around towns or on interstates, you can spread the word about your policies and party intentions to prospective voters across the state.

The convenience offered by portable signage is a major advantage. In contrast to many of Big Daddy’s Signs’ other sign products, magnets can be placed on your vehicle exteriors and removed without leaving marks. The print shop advises that you can use lawn signs and flags for fixed-location marketing together with magnetized signs to cover wider-spanning campaigns.

“Vehicle magnets can be easily installed or removed without damaging your vehicle’s paint or surface,” remarked Big Daddy's Signs. “They’re also portable, so you can switch them between different vehicles to maximize your exposure.” 

With Big Daddy’s Signs, you’ll also receive the ability to customize your signage to align with your design and color preferences. For political purposes, this is particularly important - you need to demonstrate your party affiliation and leanings at a glance. As such, this ad shop makes available a range of bright color palettes with high-resolution printing capabilities.

In addition, you can upload your photos along with custom artwork to pair with Big Daddy’s Signs’ pre-made design templates. Accordingly, you can produce unique signage with varying style and theme combinations.

Big Daddy’s Signs also points out that its vehicle magnets can be laminated to further increase their lifespan, sleek glossy look, and weather resistance. Even better!

In the words of Big Daddy’s Signs: “Full-color vehicle magnetic signs with pictures and graphics can tell your special story in seconds - receiving hundreds of views per day.”

The large father of quality advertising signage is here to help, always.

If you’re in New York State, check out to learn more!

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