Denton County Home Backup Generators: Stay Cool + Connected My Home Electrician

Jun 22, 2024

A backup generator installed ensures you have a resilient and reliable source of electricity whatever happens. If you’re in Denton or Collin Texas counties, My Home Electrician (469-901-4868) specializes in backup power systems.

Backup Power For Off-Grid Living

Whether it’s the rising cost of utilities or environmental concerns, more and more Texans are choosing to live off-grid or at least have a backup for when the Texas electricity grid has blackouts or brownouts. My Home Electrician provides advanced backup generator systems, ensuring your power needs are met in any situation.

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The team can install a backup generator for your existing home, or pre-install in a new project, which could save you over $2,000. They design systems for people who live in remote areas, as well as those who want to be more self-sufficient in their power usage.

My Home Electrician explains that each home can have unique power needs, so the first step is a comprehensive assessment of your needs. You can also get help with renewable energy technology, as well as home wiring installation and smart home automation.

“Your home's electrical setup should reflect your personal style and needs, which is why we begin every project with an in-depth consultation,” James Adams Jr, owner of My Home Electrician, explained. “From living sustainably off-grid to enjoying the most advanced smart home systems, our experienced team can achieve almost any outcome.”

The Need For Backup Power

A recent report from StudyFind predicts that 12% of American homes will be off-grid by 2035, with many opting for solar to supply their power needs. However, in times of high electrical demand or a problem with photovoltaics, a more resilient source of electricity will be required.

As My Home Electrician explains, backup generators are designed to operate when other power sources are insufficient, and they can be configured to supply power directly to your home, charge your batteries, or both. The firm also points out that generator technology has seen significant advances, and can now be run on gasoline, diesel, propane, or from solar power themselves.

About My Home Electrician

Company founder James Adams has extensive experience as a professional electrician, including a family history in the industry. James states that honesty, transparency, and understanding clients’ needs are cornerstones of the firm’s ethos.

“I employed another company to install a generator, but it ran into some problems,” one client recently stated. “My Home Electrician was not only able to rescue the project, but they simplified and improved the overall design, and fixed several safety issues. I am extremely satisfied with their work, and I can highly recommend My Home Electrician for reliable and high-quality electrical services.”

For high-quality backup generator installations you can rely on, contact the experts at My Home Electrician.

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