Deepen Your Faith & Covenant Relationship With God Through Secret Place Book!

May 31, 2024

Want to deepen your faith and relationship with the Lord? Vince Baker Ministries offers a Christian book that can help, titled “Secret Place: Learn to Dwell in the Holy of Holies.”

If your faith is the most important part of your life and you want to go deeper, check out "Secret Place: Learn to Dwell in the Holy of Holies" from Vince Baker Ministries!

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You'll learn about the process of developing a “secret place,” or a holy, private location within your own body where you can dwell in an intimate relationship with the Lord.

With a focus on offering support and encouragement as you seek to deepen your Christian faith and establish a covenantal intimacy with God, “Secret Place: Learn to Dwell in the Holy of Holies” by Vince Baker has been written to help anyone who wants to know God personally.

Be Encouraged & Enlightened

Recent statistics from the Pew Research Center show that many Americans experience a crisis of faith at some point in their lives, highlighting the need for community support and wise guidance from Christian leaders. With an emphasis on prophetic wisdom and a foundation in God’s Word, “Secret Place: Learn to Dwell in the Holy of Holies” is part of Vince Baker Ministries's commitment to giving you access to Christian teachings.

“With over 30 years of prophetic hands-on training from God, Vince brings a unique and timely perspective from the Word of God for the body of Christ,” says a spokesperson. “The divine revelations Vince has received from the Holy Spirit are destined to enlighten and encourage others.”

Discover The Secret Place

You'll discover what and where the “secret place” is, as well as how you can know God and abide in the “secret place” as part of a deeper covenantal relationship. You'll also find out what the Tabernacle of David represents, the Mystery of the First and Second Temples, and the Greater Promises of the New Covenant.

Vince explores the Hidden Mystery of the Ark of the Covenant, drawing on his decades of intensive Biblical study and analogies taken directly from scripture to help you grasp the meaning of the “secret place” and its meaning for your life and Christian faith in God.

Go Further With God

As the latest title from Vince Baker Ministries, “Secret Place” joins Vince's other titles for a Christian audience, including “Faith Secrets,” “Supernatural Security Clearances,” and “The Prophetic War of Words.”

Go further into your intimate relationship with Christ with helpful guidance from Vince Baker Ministries!

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