DBT Therapy Treatment Center In Fort Myers Helps First Responders, Veterans

Nov 7, 2023

Calusa Recovery (866-530-3206), a DBT therapy center, is Florida’s leading home of compassionate, ethical and holistic recovery care for people with mental health struggles, including first responders.

Get well and stay well with Calusa Recovery.

Calusa Recovery has an established reputation as one of the most compassionate and holistic recovery centers and one of the leading dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) clinics in the state of Florida. If you have a mental health struggle like trauma, PTSD, anxiety or depression, with their new life coaching services they can better aid you in recovering and envisioning a clearer and brighter future for yourself. 

Go to https://calusarecovery.com/ to find out more.

With their new life coaching update, the team at Calusa Recovery is also reaching out to first responders like yourself. While as a firefighter, law enforcement officer, paramedic or emergency care medical professional, you don’t necessarily fit the standard profile of a person living with a mental health disorder, the latest figures from the government Office for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration showcase that 30% of first responders will go on to develop a behavioral health condition. 

The team at Calusa Recovery understands that, if you have devoted your life to helping others, it can be difficult to accept that you are now the person who needs help and even to step back and to see the effect that your career is having on your own life. 

That’s why at Calusa Recovery they believe life coaching is an essential component of healing and of building meaningful strategies that will allow you to live a more mentally well life. 

Calusa Recovery describes themselves as a holistic therapy center and their mission statement is to: “promote values in substance abuse and mental health treatment.” 

What this means is that you will receive a completely individualized care plan and will be directed to whichever model of care will be most beneficial for you—whether inpatient, intensive outpatient, standard outpatient, or to independently utilize their counseling and coaching services. 

In addition to their DBT therapy treatments—which are at the core of their therapy models—at Calusa Recovery, you will also benefit from a host of holistic wellness activities like yoga, meditation, massage, acupuncture and red light sauna. The recovery center also prides itself on their unique adventure program, which they believe can bring fun, laughter and optimism back to your life. 

Calusa Recovery is located in Fort Myers, and they take patients from across Florida. 

A spokesperson for the compassionate and holistic recovery center said, “Our mental health treatment center in Fort Myers offers a newly renovated, state-of-the-art treatment facility that allows our clients the space to recover and heal in a safe and secure environment. From our modern housing options to our unique therapy rooms, explore how Calusa Recovery can help you begin your journey to long-term recovery today.” 

Calusa Recovery takes their name from the Calusa Tribe, the original inhabitants of Southwest Florida, who were known across the Americas as ‘the fierce people’. As a first responder, you are undoubtedly fierce, but the Calusa team knows that even the fiercest among us still need help.

At Calusa, you will learn that you can take all this pain that you’re feeling and use it to make yourself stronger, wiser and better. Visit https://calusarecovery.com/ to find out how.

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