Day Trader Guide To Measuring Market Sentiment: Trading Education For Beginners

Nov 19, 2023

Want to get better at reading the stock market – not just the charts but the mood of the market as a whole? Make smarter decisions this year with MIC’s live trading program and private mentoring sessions.

Want to know more about market sentiment and trader psychology? Learn from the experts with professional mentoring at My Investing Club!

Check out MIC's extensive syllabus and suite of interactive trading tools for beginners and intermediate traders alike. Get the inside track on why the mood of the market can both help and hinder your day trading. With a detailed dive into concepts of market volatility and sentiment ratios, the curriculum arms you with vital skills for a long and successful career in the stock market.

What's the mood of the market? Learn how pro traders measure sentiment and use it to their advantage. Join My Investing Club today! More details at

MIC wants to help you become self-sufficient. With no alerts - just watchlists and proven trading setups - the platform's success is down to its refusal to pump up stocks like many rival websites. With over 2,000 active members from across the globe, MIC is forging a new model of intraday coaching. Wanna be a part of it?

Among the market sentiment topics covered is the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX). Otherwise known as the 'Fear Index', this measure offers you insight into trader trepidation relating to economic policy and events in the financial sector as a whole. MIC teaches you how to use this index to identify the best entry and exit points.

Other well-known market sentiment measurement tools such as the Buffet Indicator and the NYSE Bullish Percentage are also covered and explained.

MIC's coaching syllabus is delivered via several different channels. The flagship mentorship program offers you one-to-one and group sessions. You're able to ask questions and have your trades reviewed too. Access to the mentoring panel is unlimited and your personal coach is available seven days a week.

Other training features include weekly webinars covering large and small cap trades and live recaps of the market as well as the recently launched live trading room – a real-time stream of expert day traders at work with a running commentary explaining each part of their trading setups.

A spokesperson says, “From on-demand video lessons to Alex’s daily watchlists, live market recaps and trader psychology classes, daily education in the chatroom, and 1-on-1 mentorship phone calls with professional day traders, we provide it all.”

Read the market like a book with the help of My Investing Club. Grab your chance for financial freedom!

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