Dallas French Drain System Installation To Prevent Flooding From Storms

Feb 8, 2024

Do you have a soggy yard? Does water collect near the foundation of your home when it rains? A French drain may just be what you need to dry things out. Call Dallas Drainage Pros (972 269-5639) now for a free quote.

Excessive water in the yard could signal poor drainage, which if overlooked, could become a landscaping nightmare or even cause serious damage to your home. Luckily, Dallas Drainage Pros can resolve all your drain issues.

Book an appointment now at https://dallasdrainagepros.com/french-drain-system-installation/ and have Dallas’s trusted drain experts evaluate the site. 

Drain Installation Experts At Your Service 

The company provides a long-term, effective stormwater management solution that would address recurring drainage issues, preventing soil erosion, water damage, and localized flooding.

Yard drainage is a critical factor in maintaining the structural integrity of your property, especially in Dallas, where the soil is clayey. French drain systems redirect standing water that could potentially permeate foundations and basements, causing structural damage.

Dallas Drainage Pros begins with a thorough site evaluation, which involves proper slope estimation, system considerations, and diagnosis of the water seepage in the area.

French Drain Installation 

To install the French drain system, a deep trench is dug in the problem area, and a geo-textile, non-woven material is laid inside to serve as a barrier. The trench is backfilled partially, and a perforated pipe is placed on top of it before being completely covered with more gravel. 

The system is a cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing way to remove pooling water from homes, landscaped areas, and anywhere else where deep puddles are not wanted.

Dallas Drainage Pros also offers maintenance and cleaning to remove clogs, debris, and other blockages.

About Dallas Drainage Pros 

Dallas Drainage Pros is an NDS-certified drainage contractor, serving residential, commercial, and governmental clients in North and East Dallas. Along with French drain systems, the company can install a variety of other drainage systems, such as surface, trench, and channel.

A satisfied client said, “John and his crew were outstanding to work with. They were on time, efficient, created a custom solution to our drainage issues (which were numerous), and cleaned up after work daily. I highly recommend Dallas Drainage Pros.” 

Don’t risk the damage that poor drainage can cause, let Dallas Drainage Pros tackle this problem for you. 

Call (972) 269-5639 now to request an estimate or visit https://dallasdrainagepros.com/french-drain-system-installation/ to learn more.

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