Cybersecurity – Biotech & Pharmaceutical Industry in the Crosshair of Hackers

Jun 16, 2020

Ecuron’s latest sector-specific cybersecurity report focuses on the cyber risks in biotech and the pharmaceutical industry.

We recently released a new industry sector cybersecurity report titled: "Cybersecurity Concerns in the Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industry". This report highlights the current cyber threats that organizations in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry face and how the uniqueness of the sector makes it a prime target. It also shows which areas have to be addressed in order to improve cybersecurity and minimize the risk of a data breach. This includes examples of three sector specific challenges that need to be mitigated.

The report has been made openly available and it's available to the general public, thought leaders within the biotech and pharmaceutical market and anyone with an interest in Cybersecurity Risks in the Biotech and Pharmaceutical Sector.

We believe that, from a cybersecurity perspective, the COVID-19 pandemic shines the spotlight on industries and sectors that are usually not mentioned in the evening news. The pandemic initially triggered a spike in cyber-attacks targeting the Healthcare sector, medical organizations across the globe and even the World Health Organization (WHO). But soon after, as drug makers and institutions started racing at an unprecedented speed after coronavirus drugs and vaccines, these cyber-attacks have reached the biotech sector and pharmaceutical industry.

As we now see a focus on those organizations that are at the forefront of vaccine & drug development, we want to raise awareness about the cyber risks and provide pointers for risk mitigation and planning a pro-active cybersecurity strategy. Since years, the entire biotech & pharmaceutical industry sector has been a prime target by hackers that include well-resourced nation state actors. And while larger companies had some very costly wake-up calls and improved their cybersecurity efforts dramatically, we are worried about the start-up and small to medium sized organizations that would struggle financially to survive a serious data breach.

Interested parties can find the report ready to download at

Ecuron is a boutique cybersecurity consulting company that specializes in preparing companies to face cyber threats. Our mission is to help companies ensure that the information they handle, store and depend on is secure. An organization’s information - proprietary information, the client information or research data they hold - is a vital business asset. Ecuron helps organizations to develop, implement and maintain technical and organizational security to allow them to operate securely and to achieve appropriate certification and regulatory compliance.

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