Cut Through Sluggish Manual Systems With AI-Powered Real-Time Risk Management

Mar 30, 2020

Achieve cost-effective risk and compliance for small banks with KYO and the Perform in a Box suite. Make real-time financial management and anytime audit readiness a reality.

With COVID-19, it is no longer, Business As Usual, for banking.

Banks need to adapt to significant changes in market dynamics and the risk assessment of individuals and businesses that have been turned upside down by the crisis, demands a new generation of systems.

With COVID-19 exposing limitations in current risk management and planning, it is time for a rethink! Hence it is timely to launch KYO and Perform In a Box to support small banks to deal with current and future challenges.

Enteruptors Inc, a leading solution provider of intelligent automation and AI-powered decision-making, announced the launch of the KYO (Know Your Organization) methodology to evolve risk, regulation, finance and planning for the intelligent systems era of banking. KYO and Perform In a Box will give small banks the tools to become intelligent banks that leapfrog the competition and deliver strong margin.

As a cloud solution, Perform In a Box is a low cost, low risk and easy solution to implement that will deliver immediate improvements in performance. It plugs into any core banking solution, replacing a costly mish mash of disparate legacy systems, with an end to end suite of integrated modules for performance, planning, risk and regulation. A solution mindful of the conservative nature of the sector whilst catering for the significant disruption the sector faces.

KYO and Perform in a Box improves key staff utilization, risk modelling capabilities, and stress test simulation to help banks and credit unions formulate strategy and gain critical visibility of financial parameters at low costs.

According to a David Jordan, a spokesperson for enteruptors, "Perform in a Box uses intelligent automation in its cloud solution to small banks to manage all their risk, compliance and finance needs. Replacing manual processes, spreadsheets and multiple vendors tools, Perform in a Box streamlines processes, cuts costs and drives productivity."

enteruptors, Inc is a full-service financial, risk, and compliance technology solutions provider. KYO and Perform in a Box were developed in Australia and launched globally in the United States. The company is headed by David Jordan, an international authority on strategic systems, innovation, compliance, and risk management.

For more information about Know Your Organization and Perform in a Box, visit

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