Customizable Minimalist Luxury Glass Pivot Doors For Upscale LA Properties

Jun 11, 2024

Adding value to your property is as easy as getting one of Panda Windows & Doors’ luxury pivot doors tailor-made for you. Call them at (888) 246-1651 to learn more about the configuration options at your fingertips!

You can tell a lot about a property from the appearance of its doors. If you want to paint the picture of luxury and elegance, one of Panda Windows & Doors’ pivot doors is the best way to go! Create the perfect minimalist look, add a bit of dramatic flair to the entrance, or emphasize the beauty of your home’s architecture - the things you can achieve with these engineering marvels are as numerous as the stars!

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A Bold and Unconventional Design Choice

So, what makes pivot doors so popular? Modern-day pivot doors are coveted for their unorthodox engineering and construction, which introduce futuristic elements to a property. The hardware of a pivot door system allows it to rotate open around hidden spindles located in the top and bottom of the frame, making the door appear to “float.”

Because they are not constrained by door jambs, pivot doors can be built to accommodate much larger entryways than traditional hinge doors, making them suitable for openings with unconventional dimensions.

Panda’s Customizable Pivot Doors

Panda Windows & Doors demonstrates this flexibility in their own products by offering custom-designed luxury pivot doors that can span entrances up to 24 feet tall and 10 feet wide. 

The exact position of the pivot hinges can be adjusted to create unique configurations, including exceptionally wide openings, which the company says are advantageous for individuals or businesses that frequently transport large and bulky items to and from their property. If you run, say, a furniture store (or you happen to have a furniture-collecting hobby that you can’t seem to curb), this is the perfect choice for you!

And the possibilities are endless. The pivot doors are available in a variety of colors, patterns, and finishes, allowing you to create a door that matches your property’s architecture. You can also choose from a number of high-pressure laminate veneers, which are offered in seven wood tones, to give the door a more natural appearance without sacrificing performance or durability. 

Even more styles are included as part of Panda Windows & Doors’ Voyage Select collection, a line of premium doors that offer you additional customization options through smart locks, biometrics systems, built-in LED lighting, and more. If you really want to go all out, go for the Voyage Select doors!

Built for Any Climate

Guess what? You can further customize your door through Panda Windows & Doors’ selection of transom windows, sidelites, or full glass options. The latter option is great if you live in a hot region, since you can ask for double or triple-glazed glass that improves energy efficiency, reflects heat, and protects the interior of the property from UV rays.

Regardless, the versatility of Panda Windows & Doors’ pivot doors allows you to request adjustments for any type of terrain and climate, ensuring the products do not lose functionality regardless of the conditions.

If you want a door that will enhance the appearance and value of your property for years to come, Panda’s pivot doors are the best choice. No matter how trends change, these luxury showpieces will always be relevant because of their functionality and beauty. So order with confidence, knowing your door will never go out of style!

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