Customizable Luxury Lift & Slide Aluminum Doors For Modern Los Angeles Homes

May 31, 2024

Ever wanted to take advantage of all that wide-open space leading to the outside of your home? Now you can, with Panda Windows & Doors’ customizable lift-and-slide glass door systems! Call them at (888) 246-1651 to learn more!

When it comes to easy home improvement renovations that offer the perfect combination of practicality and aesthetics, Panda Windows & Doors’ lift-and-slide doors easily top the list of upgrades. With flexible sizing options and nigh-impenetrable glass panels, you can enjoy the view of the landscape while keeping you and your family safe - all while wowing your guests with your design sense! And it’s as easy as giving Panda Windows & Doors a call. So, what are you waiting for?

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Doors That Can Fit Any Size or Shape 

Like their other glass door systems, Panda Windows & Doors’ lift-and-slide doors are designed to improve natural lighting, airflow, and space usage and allow for a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. 

The system supports glass panels of up to 100 square feet, which can be recessed into an optional track that is designed to be barefoot-friendly. Furthermore, Panda Windows & Doors’ engineers are capable of designing door systems around unique architectural features, allowing you to install curving or multi-directional sliding glass doors. Very few other companies will do that for you, that’s for sure!

Perfect For All Conditions

All standard aluminum doors are made of 6063-T6 aluminum, a lightweight and long-lasting material that can withstand a variety of conditions and repetitive daily use without losing functionality. You can also choose aluminum with wood-clad, solid wood, and wood frames with aluminum cores, all of which are suitable for areas with moderate weather. 

Want something with a bit of extra durability? You can opt for the company’s hurricane-rated impact doors, which have been designed to comply with Florida Building Codes TAS 201, 202, and 203. In addition to being able to withstand heavy rain, flooding, hurricane-force winds, and flying debris, these doors provide you with substantial noise reduction and enhanced security features to prevent forced entry. 

Energy Efficient Options

Believe it or not, there are even more choices. Lift-and-slide doors are also available in energy-efficient, thermally broken options that have a U-value as low as 0.327. For the uninitiated, the U-value refers to how well a specific type of material can resist heat flow; the lower the value, the better the insulation. And since these thermally broken doors are so good at insulating, Panda Windows & Doors recommends them for areas with extreme temperature fluctuations, especially when used for large openings. You’ll be saving big on energy bills!

Regardless of the type of door you choose, you can request a number of powder coatings or faux wood finishes for the frames, allowing you to customize your door systems to suit any style of decor.

But no matter what you choose, it’ll look great. Just take it from this satisfied customer, who wrote, “When we started renovating our home, we wanted to take advantage of the beautiful mountain view we had on the patio. Panda Windows & Doors was the only company that would work with us on a custom sliding door this large, and their special thermally broken feature helps us keep down heating costs in the winter. Our door is beautiful; we always get compliments from guests!”

If you want compliments from your guests, get one of Panda Windows & Doors’ lift-and-slide door systems installed and watch the magic happen! Contact them today to discover all the options at your fingertips! 

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