Custom White Enamel Coffee Mugs Make Perfect USA Camping Present Ideas

Jun 9, 2024

Share your love of camping with your partner by gifting them cute camping mugs! Forget Me Not Novelties is your trusted source for personalized presents suiting all occasions, shipping throughout the US!

Custom Camping Mugs For Outdoors Enthusiasts!

Why sip from a plain white cup when you can carry around a constant reminder of your love for camping and adventure? Forget Me Not Novelties has the perfect gift idea for hikers - just look at its personalized mugs!

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The American summer vacation season will be here before you know it - and with it comes outdoor excursions. These mugs feature camping imagery you’ll love, designed in recognition of the hiking trips and adventures your family adores.

Their printed graphics are expressly chosen with outdoorsy decor in mind - they’ll make perfect additions to your camping backpack. Images range from mountain and lake pictures to camper and caravan-themed pieces - which ones do you like best? 

And that’s not all…

Personalized captions allow you to print names and dates. For example, custom designs can commemorate the shared love of camping by couples. “Bobby and Stacey - adventuring together since 2008” is provided as a sample. Simply fill in the blanks and there you have it! These mugs will be an amazing gift to mark anniversaries and other significant celebrations.

What’s more, these enamel mugs are portable and durable; central perks for hikers like you as you sip hot drinks or soups over the course of many, many trips….

“Every happy camper needs a unique camper mug,” says Forget Me Not Novelties - who continues: “It’s lightweight, durable and multifunctional. Use it for your favorite beverage or a hot meal - and attach it to your bag for easy access on a hike.” 

Available in white coating and silver rim designs, you can fit up to 12 fluid ounces in these camping mugs. That’s enough for a quick refreshment break or two! 

Forget Me Not Novelties continues to grow its coffee mug collection, adding new designs and thematic influences on a regular basis. Via its online store, you’ll find printed mugs for holiday events, birthdays, and more - with his and hers-themed items for coffee-mad couples…

In the words of the company: “Enjoy our ever-growing selection of premium quality, unique gift ideas - sure to delight. Be sure to click on the bell icon so that you are notified when we put up new products.”

Forget Me Not Novelties ships its mugs throughout the United States through Etsy’s craft supply platform. Your next gift is within reach.

No camping trip is complete without one of these custom mugs…

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