Custom-Sized Luxury Pivot Doors With Top-Quality Materials For Upscale LA Homes

May 30, 2024

Looking for a luxury home showpiece that will wow your guests? Check out Panda Windows and Doors’ customizable pivot doors! Call them at (888) 246-1651 today!

If the eyes are the window into a person’s soul, then it only follows that a door is the first indication of the heart of an abode. …Botched attempts at poetry aside, doors can really change the whole vibe of a space. If you want your home’s vibes to be something along the lines of “luxurious” and “unconventional” with a side of “wow!”, check out Panda Windows and Doors’ pivot doors, which can be designed to fit any upscale property!

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More Than Just Entrances

Because doors are the first part of a building that individuals interact with, they are important components of both interior and architectural design. According to Panda Windows and Doors, a well-made door can help achieve a minimalistic aesthetic that emphasizes the appearance of the property and influences the atmosphere of indoor spaces. Of particular note are pivot doors, which have been gaining popularity over the past decade for their futuristic elements and their ability to create dynamic entryways.

The Engineering Marvels of Pivot Doors

The pivot doors that Panda Windows and Doors offer differ from traditional doors in that they rotate open around a spindle that is fixed to the top and bottom of the frame. Because they are not attached to hinges or door jambs, there are fewer restrictions on the size and weight of each unit, and they can be customized to fit entrances up to 24’ tall or 11’ wide. Additionally, the position of the spindles can be adjusted, allowing you to create openings of unorthodox sizes. This is great if your taste in furniture is like a revolving door (pun intended); having a wider-than-normal entrance will make moving bulky items to and from your home a lot easier. All that space will make your home look larger, too.

Your Many Customization Options 

So, are you interested in a custom pivot door for your home? You’ve come to the right place. All units engineered by Panda Windows and Doors are fabricated with hidden self-closing pivot hardware to facilitate ease of use. Because of the'ir durability, they are also suitable for a number of climates and terrains. Furthermore, each door comes with secure, multi-point locking mechanisms that deter intruders from forced entry.

The company also offers a variety of designs that will complement most contemporary architectural styles, with a popular choice being their Voyage Select Contemporary Pivot Front Door series. Pivot doors in this collection are available in 15 different designs, and you can request additional sidelights, transom windows, and other glass options. 

If you prefer something more natural, Panda Windows and Doors recommends adding high-pressure laminate veneers to the door. These are available in seven natural wood tones, and you can also ask for specific colors and textures. This way, you can have the technology while still maintaining a rustic look for your home. 

See? Luxury is as simple as having one of Panda Windows and Doors pivot doors installed. So if you’re ready to make a bold statement through your decor choices, give them a call to learn about the possibilities at your fingertips!

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