Custom Plugins For WooCommerce Stores: Improve Page Speeds & Conversions

Jun 27, 2024

WooCommerce plugins can be a wonderful addition to your website but not without the right design and management. Work with Zen Agency and they’ll fix your existing web store or build you a new one from scratch and transform the shopping experience for your customers!

WooCommerce worries? Need some web development and site building expertise to reinvent your e-commerce fortunes?

Work with Zen Agency – the complete solution to a faster, more efficient, and more profitable WooCommerce site! More details at

The agency offers you expertise in e-commerce site development, designing and deploying WooCommerce platforms using Gutenberg – the native editor for WordPress. The services comprise storefront design, search engine optimization, and migrations alongside comprehensive testing procedures to ensure that your site is functioning optimally and aligns with your goals.

Rebuild Or Upgrade

You can have a new store built from scratch, request improvements to an existing one, and get speed enhancements. All WooCommerce services are tailored to your specific needs rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. Zen Agency brings over nine years of experience developing WooCommerce websites with over 300 projects delivered during that time. The team has also provided ongoing site maintenance for over 150 businesses. Get in touch to find out what they could do for you!

A spokesperson says, “Our clients stay with us long-term as they find our team to be a seasoned group of specialists who not only build beautiful, high-converting WooCommerce websites but also have the capabilities, resources, and service offerings to market, host, and maintain their websites, successfully.”

About WooCommerce

Developed by WordPress and first launched in 2011, WooCommerce is an open-source plugin that converts any WordPress website into a fully functional e-commerce store. The software is used by over four million businesses across the globe for selling products, services, subscriptions, customized bundles, downloads, or taking bookings. According to the developers, the open-source design means that you have ownership of your store and data, allowing you to migrate to other host platforms in the future if you wish.

Recent Successes

Zen Agency's recent WooCommerce projects include site development and conversion rate optimization for United Chemical Technologies. The client engaged Zen's services to resolve several problems – from plugins that were not updating to inconsistent and ineffective search box functions across their site. Zen's WooCommerce team rebuilt the entire site with a custom theme and fewer plugins to improve stability. Time for a reboot?

The team was also commissioned to streamline the company's unwieldy product listings that made it difficult for customers to navigate various menus and sub-menus and locate the goods they wanted. A new search function was implemented with autocomplete features alongside a category table with filters.

The agency's work resulted in a 61% increase in conversions, a 52% increase in revenue, and a decrease of 23% in bounce rates. It could do the same for you!

Zen can improve your page speeds and migrate your store onto its managed web hosting stack for more consistent and powerful performance too!

For more info and to discuss your requirements, contact Zen Agency now at

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